Answering Islam 13: Has the Quran Been Perfectly Preserved?

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Here’s Episode 13 of “Answering Islam,” where David Wood answers the question: “Has the Quran Been Perfectly Preserved?”

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Even if it were preserved, what good did it bring to the world… only pain and suffering

Hey I would really appreciate if you provided sources in the description.

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The book: “Corrections in Early Qur’an Manuscripts - Twenty Examples” by Daniel Alan Brubaker might interest you.

U dont have the light of love in ur hearts people… wake up wake up… u r blind !! Let the breeze of Down tell u God secret… quran is god words like Jesus. it is the knowledge that u cant see in ur minds only hearts can see god and his words… open ur mind eye so u can reveal the truth and get out of matrix and the devil behind like this vids . :heart::heart:

All religions are copy/paste from the sumerian stone tablets Proven fact. All 3 fake Abram (Abrahamic) bull shit faiths are so twisted & mixed with Sumerian, brahmanism, zoroastrianism, judaism, egyptology, sun & moon worship beliefs. It’s Even more pagan than most ppl know. PROVEN FACT!

Exciting developments in this field in June 2020.

Hello david. God bless you and the work that you do for our Lord Jesus Christ. This video is very, very helpfull to me in my study. Can you please recommend a book(s) and/ or video that is really exaustive on this topic of the fact that the quran has not been perfectly preserved. CHRIST IS LORD!

help! What hadith and page jn Sahih Buhkari does it say that Ibn Masud had a Quran consisting of 111 sura and Ibn Ka’b 116 sura?

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Let me ask you do you know the Qori They the students which memories Quran they wasn’t going to War and Don’t say about Quran verse do you know how the Hadith (word of the prophet pbuh) how they collect them if you know that then you don’t make this

Quran supposed to be direct from allah :laughing::rofl::joy:
Thank you Dr David Wood for shaking MohMad’s bones in his grave :laughing:

I know you are correct from my own studies but there should be sources in the video description or pinned comment for any doubters

I’m so laughing here… where are the references you use to misquote in your previous videos?

If your Christian fans would be too blind to see this, no wonder why they keep reading their bible eyes wide open brains shut.

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hey, do you have references? =) thank yooouuu

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