Answering Islam LIVE (July 2, 2018)

I’ll be going LIVE with Anthony Rogers tonight at 8:00pm (Eastern Time). We’ll be answering questions from Christians, Muslims, and others on “Answering Islam LIVE.”

Hi guys, God bless :latin_cross::pray::heart:

Didnt the popes write the quran ??

new testament LORD JESUS, USE PAUL :bouquet::grin:!!!

27:30 this is why I wash my ass with water and Christians don’t. Lmao. Wow. Y’all still haven’t figured out what is more hygienic water or toilet paper and then you wanna complain. Lmao. David you are a joke. No argument all words. No wonder no muslim scholars argue you cuz all of your arguments are lame.

its really disturbing here in germany. you should come visit


Arh I missed the party. Been a while. Good to see brother David still delivering the good news.

Looking forward to your next Live Stream.

Muhammad could not read or write, why would Allah come to an illiterat?

I ask humbly and respectfully, can you call in Catholic Answers one of these days and ask them anything on your mind?

Maybe I’m just really really really extra slow but why is it so non offensive to hate on Christians and nobody cares but if you criticize Islam or Muslims everyone is so up in arms??? Why are we as a nation well literally a planet now, every country it seems, Islam apologists “all of a sudden” it’s a crime now to speak out on this heinous religion?! Is the world afraid that they will rain down Terror on them or do they think it’s a virtue?! Do they not see the rape gangs and the honor killings and the horrific nature of Islam??! Am I the only one that sees this and everyone else is seeing something else? Am I in a parallel universe??

Have a sub title translator to different languages. Islam Mafia Cult exposed!

im exchristian and i found islam peacefull religion in all these politician are putting shit in our mind specially dawoud shity ass wiped

On the German banning thing: the establishment powers are doing the same in the UK - pretending that criticism of Islam (the ideology) is the same as attacking Muslims as people, and trying to ban all criticism of the ideology alleging it is “hate -speech” directed at Muslims as people. You might as well say criticizing National Socialism is the same as attacking the German people - as people.
Anyone who has lived in a city with a significant Muslim population ( and I have two ) knows many Muslims are actually more than averagely decent people - as conservative religions do actually tend to heighten the good-neighbour-ly-ness of people. But the issue isn’t that Muslims are bad people - they are obviously not - it is that Islam (like National Socialism, like all totalitarian ideologies with conquering imperatives) has the affect of weaponizing whole populations as that ideology does what it was designed to do - takeover.

Only the fucking religion our world destroy day by day… If god give me more fucking power thn I’m the 1st person who give deep fuck to all the religion…

Bro… at 1st u must go to the school… After u complete ur education… Thn u make yourself as a good human being… Thn u try this kind of fucking conversation… And don’t try to fucking famous…Bcz according to history stupid people r don’t make himself famous…

God can work in the midst of evil and the stupid things that Satan does. God is not limited by his creation and never will be. He is Awesome.

Who begged the late Mr Muhammad to mention the Holy Bible in his doctrine/establishment if he was going to subvert and deliberately convolute the pillar and the hope of our faith? The Koran attacks and refute Word of Yahweh God in many ways, in addition to the unethical and diabolical insults unbecoming of a believer.

Is Kuffar Watch watching me?

To the question about “jews killed the creator” I have a paradox that may help people to think about this (or confuse you horribly and keep you up at night, or that you may dismiss as pure idiocity). The Quran says:
Sura [3.27] “Thou makest the night to pass into the day and Thou makest the day to pass into the night, and Thou bringest forth the living from the dead and Thou bringest forth the dead from the living, and Thou givest sustenance to whom Thou pleasest without measure.”
Here is my philosophical question. Is God’s ability to bring life from death absolute or is it limited by His own existence?