Answering Islam LIVE (July 2, 2018)

Stop chitting man Christianty is dead man go to islam the true religion

So many of us have left Islam

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Jew finds Christ I have been reading the gospels from three bibles I purchased a year ago and have been doing it since while watching acts 17 apologetics, that said I have been watching masses at many different denominations and the one that closest resembles the old temple sacrefice sis the Catholic Church, I have prayed every morning afternoon and evening, I stopped celebrating the sabbath and switched it to Sunday, I also stopped the dietary restrictions. And I also memorizing Catholic prayers. The Protestant services look like a show to me I.e. The band playing Christian songs in a style of a rock band, forgive me I don’t mean to offend any of the churches like that. Also as a Jew and the Catholic Church I believe in Gehenna. Sola Scriptura and the the guarantee of paradise thru Grace alone is still to alien to me. Also why are most American Cristian men circumcised? They are not required due ti not being under that barbaric commandment, 1 out of 613 of them. I also looked at videos of Creflo Dollar and other TV pastors including Joel Olsteen , all they do is beg for money and do a prosperity gospels without the fear of G_D , it’s like they are saying you can buy your way into heaven. It’s a confusing time in my life now.

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the koran is made up of a bunch of different people

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There’s no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah
لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

Love you guys and been flowing you for sometime now , keep the truth flowing

I wish I could talk to you so I could tell you the truth may Allah Gide this man.

this guy is obsessed with islam.

I was born Jewish and I have been watching you guys for 4 years and I’m ready to become a Christian, any idea what church I should join? Catholic, Calvinist, Adventist? Can you help David?

The "hate"ful contents there was the Quran quotations… anti-hate speech should be perfectly useful for getting that pervert book banned.

Yeah it was good morning here.

Muslims has pollution the minds of Germans.

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