Answering Islam LIVE (July 4, 2018)

David Wood and Anthony Rogers will be answering questions about Christianity and Islam on “Answering Islam LIVE.”

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Son of god mean prophet of god .

You guys should pray to the first person of trinity, not second or third .

CALLING ALL SERIOUS “BELIEVERS” of the world’s religions. Here’s how anyone can confidently and legitimately know if their god or any particular god exists or not. This would solve a lot of problems so please share this common sense challenge!

Moses supposedly saw Yahweh with his own eyes (Exodus 33), and Jesus’ closest disciples didn’t think it disrespectful to ask to see Yahweh in person too because they didn’t fully trust Jesus (John 14) and, though you’re probably not aware of it, there was good reason not to! So, I’m asking every Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu et al to arise everyday until they get the results we all need and respectfully request their respective Gods to come out of hiding so that everyone alike can see and hear them for themselves and thus settle for all time the question about whose God is the real one and what his requirements are.

Tell him we’re tired of him hiding out and using supposed go-between prophets or teachers or popes or pastors or apostles et al with conflicting instructions and descriptions of “god” to tell us what to believe. We need to see and hear him in person for ourselves! Then, whichever god’s don’t show up we can justly assume that we’ve been lied to and they don’t really exist or that they aren’t interested in helping to end all the trouble they’re causing by hiding and just ignore them. Anyway, how much worse could it get?

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Anthony and David you are so good at what you do here. JEHOVAHS Blessings to gou🤗

Hello from UK

you know whar trinity according to christians: God is jesus, but jesus is not God, yes, he is but no yes he is,no no,he is not but wait…yes,but holy spirit is God but not fully God,a little less than God ( despite the fact that holy gost is not known by christians whi he is and what he is),but yes,jesus is God but not God but holy ghost is God but much greater than jesus but sometimes less than jesus, jesus is holy ghost and holy ghost is jesus but no no their are not the same but the same…on and on in infinity…

Your funny David, only with French help but you were right to rebel.

Can you please do debate in live against Hamza or Mansur from EFDawah? I’d love to see the way you thinking about Islam against them.

Allah had sex with the mother of the book!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!

Around the 27 minute mark, David states that the Muslims still do not understand Jesus’ deity even after a detailed, lengthy explanation. Perhaps this is one reason (among others) why: “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.” (1 Cor 2:14)


Muslims argue that its his adopted sons ex-wife. Even tho his adopted son divorced her so Muhammad could marry her.

Always talking to the same bald fuck

Excellent point about Muslims believing what MUHAMMAD said the Prophets said. Excellent explaination. Thanks Anthony!

Literally didn’t get the notification for this stream for 18 hrs. Little late YouTube… thanks

Thank you for your answer to me! I do have many answers for those 5-7 questions Muslims ask. Grateful for you and Anthony David. Feeling better now and I will press on to the goal! Praying for effectiveness for Muslims.