Answering Islam LIVE (July 6, 2018)

David Wood and Anthony Rogers answer questions about Christianity and Islam on “Answering Islam LIVE.”
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Merkel does not want to reduce human suffering.

Is sex allowed In Christianity

Mohammed Hijab Vs A Very Funny Woman - YouTube its call Kum ba yah, not the "truth"TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL As Human Kind we will never agree on every matter. The purpose of this Channel is to bring People of Different Faith together, built bridges, honest understandings, acceptance of differences. And not to cause hatred or push people of different faith away from one another; And also to Expose HATEMONGERS who wants to create enmity among people of different faith to SERVE POLITICAL CAUSE, MAKE MONEY, GAIN FAME or for PERSONAL HATE, etc. The most civil way of life is to accept people with their differences and The GOD will judge us all on the Day of Judgment “who was right” and “who was wrong”[Qur’an 7:87]. Till then as Human Kind we can reason with One Another, trying to Prove our Paradigm, but it has to be devoid of any form of Condescension or Compulsion[Qur’an 2:256 & 16:125]. Help & Support us by sharing our videos to create awareness

Just because it says it in the title…keep dreaming in delusion, my poor children…

But don’t you know jews were living peacefully in Muslim land better than how they lived in Europe. When expelled from Spain they came to live peacefully in our lands and other occasions also

Its not trinity but simplicity as god manifests a spec of his true power for he is not in the universe but the universe and beyond is in him as Solomon says that there is no end for his power or spirit and nobody can witness his true power. Like the sun rays reach us though we don’t experience the full might of the sun but know its presence by the light incident on our eyes. Jesus is the finger of god that the Egyptians feared and the hand of god the that Israel revered. Jesus is the light emanating in all directions from the source called father. He is the only one from the source and so he is called son, the spirit of god later manifesting in flesh. But not born to god in flesh as he just manifested himself in flesh to liken his human sons and daughters. Christ is the god known to the ancients before his physical manifestation

david why are you affraid to make a debate with any rabbi,are you affraid of rejecting trinity by them with evidence from old testament?


Your so full of shit I skipped the video to 43:00 and the answer is so stupid he said mohamed swt did not agree with the prophets first of all he did not agree with the Bible written by dudes hundreds of years later when they were tickled by a ghost how do you tickle someone to write there is not one place In the Quran that contradicted each other first time you try to prove that statement wrong was saying the earth was created in 6 days and another part says 8 days and you were proven wrong by zakir Nike idk how to spell his name as to my knowledge it was the first

I Love you man!:thinking: Oh wait I have to love my enemy. NVM​:laughing:

South Africa

What are your thoughts on the band STRYPER and the ACTION BIBLE!?

David… You sound like Liono from THUNDERCATS

What the hell you people doing? To know about Islam, watching this should be your last resort. Learn it through the holy book, Quran. Not through some islamophobic guys.

Stop …stop…stop david you don’t know nothing about islam if you want challenge islam we have scholar go to debate!!
if you are confident of yourself so much!?
respect my religion islam like I respect your religion.

Would you all explain the purpose of Christianity having three or more expressions? Methodist , Catholic and Baptist and all of you CLAIMING to be with Jesus and none of you all agree with each other but this is the true religion of God or Jesus Christ!!! And is it the same Christianity that enslaved black people in America and still in SLAVERY to this day??? And teach that Jesus is a white man and white people in America who enslaved black people in America and this is GOD’S word and works???

This video sucks

Dear David,
I follow you now for a few weeks and am a fan, that you tell the people, that violence is the absolut wrong way! But I just found a clip from you, where you talk to a Moslem and you told him, that you will rescue him and you will welcome him to the christians and to jesus…because only on this way, he will get to heaven! This shocked me a lot…this is near the same, that the muslim told you! Only the islam and the Quran will rescue you and get you into paradies! Maybe i must watch the clip again…I thought, you explain, that every religion is to questioning…and for that, I liked you so!

Haha … Lol … whatever u do u cant stop spreading of islam