Answering Islam LIVE (June 27, 2018)

Join us LIVE for the first episode of “Answering Islam LIVE,” with David Wood and Anthony Rogers!

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hey david what is your mbti type?

The Catholic church(The Jesuits) Created Islam as a weapon against true believers.

Waste of time this channel

i love it the way you explain the Islam, you are saying truth. and muslims have no idea of light they are living in darkness

many people might not know what time you start your programe

Please let me know what time your show start on you tube

Was wondering if you ran across Josua Evans video. Ex-christian who converted to Muslim. If so, your thoughts on it

A shame that Robert Spencer left the church. I don’t want to pry into why he left, but I’d take a guess that the ignorance of the bishops in America on the religion of “peace” played a part.

talk to christian prince he is awesome. do you know his show?

like what your doing get all the peace movements together but islam havnt got a peace movement

Jesus Christ God Glory to His Divine Name and His works testifies that He is the incarnate God who raised Lazarus from death after four days in grave decaying. Proves Only True God raises the deads.
As for muhummad also his works testifies that he is first ISIS who worshiped his penis allah ,and allah gave him the Quran, all from certified from Islamic books. Voila le grand shame … 4 ur pleasure …
Prophet Muhammad raped his camel Qaswa , all certified from the Islamic books … 1000%halalllll
Sahih Al-bukhari 2, 357: Ibn Sharib narrated, Ibn Abdul Talib said: " always when his wives had their period, I saw the prophet Muhammad near by his camel herd. There he(muhummad) had lovingly intercourse with the female animals. Sometimes he also turned toward the young animals of both sexes."
And they call him prophet , but the question is where are his prophecys ???and where in Quran did allah Satan​:japanese_ogre: call him prophet???:speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil: <------islam

your doing great

sounds good

You need to interview Maajid Nawaz

Anthony and David did a great job.

Meeting The World's Most Notorious Imam - YouTube what do you think of his view regarding islam?


Robert Spencer is no longer Catholic? Has he been born again?

I always enjoy Anthony’s videos on here.