Answering Islam LIVE (June 29, 2018)

David Wood and Anthony Rogers are answering questions and responding to objections dealing with Christianity and Islam on “Answering Islam LIVE.” Christians, Muslims, and anyone who is interested in serious discussion are welcome to join in.
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You call yourself a preacher but yet I see all your videos are pointing out all the bad things about Islam and I haven’t seen one video of u complimenting it
And if youve read the quran David then you clearly know that we have no hate towards christianity and would know that we actually originated from you and we’re once part of christianity. Also didn’t Jesus once say “love thy neighbour” so I see no reason for u to shame Islam and if ur fans are gonna reply with some fake bullshitt about Islam and the quran just don’t bother because I really don’t have time for u . im not hear to talk shit I’m just pointing out something that u need to take in mind
“Love for all hatred for none”

I did’t say Islam has stolen tones from Judaism and Jewish commentaries. In fact, more than half of qur’anic verses are bad copy of its predecessors (mostly Judaism).

Farook, I didn’t say that you are pathetic or and idiot. But you said you are by your comments. This typical Muslim reaction. Your comment says tons about you, your community and your religion. That is Islam’s DNA. I get that confirmed at every juncture. Your OS can’t work differently.

This was an interesting video. They briefly mentioned Mormonism. When they did that they gave an accurate summary of Mormon beliefs.

So the genocide against the Yezidis is my dream! You must be living in the world of Islamic barbarism to deny that. However, I am not surprised, as that is how you have ruined the world: though mass killing, rape and slavery AND deny it at the same time.

As much as I try to follow your conversation, it is well above my understanding of the topic

Yeah I am having problems with my internet

Allah is great and Mohammed is his profit :smile:

Please, Christian brothers and sisters, let’s do what it says in Psalm 34, “seek peace and pursue it.“ Let’s not call Muslims who comment here names or treat them rudely. Let’s treat them really, really well, even if they don’t always do the same to us. Let’s act like the one we follow, the Prince of Peace.

God loves Muslims. Let’s show them love!

Hi my brother try to see this video SANIHU MUNIR VS DAVID WOOD RONDE 5: PERBANDINGAN NGAWUR - YouTube can you please express your opinion. Please make a video immediately. Thanks jesus bless you


Love your work. I have a question, and I hope this comment finds you!
I have an assignment in one of my applied psychology courses, and as we’ve been spending a lot of time covering the topics of propaganda, radicalism, resistance & rebellion, etc., I’ve been given the option of 3 readings.

Among them is Abu Bakr Naji - “the Management of Savagery: the Most Critical Stage Through Which the Umma Will Pass”
I’ll admit you’re the first I thought of when looking into this possible assignment. If you would be so kind:

1)Have you ever read this text before?
2)Would you recommend it to a student sharing your views on Islam, ISIS, etc.

Given you’re the only genuine scholar I know and trust on subject matter, I’m hoping this finds you well, once again.
I appreciate anything you have!

God bless, brother.

A man named Devid Wood tried to hammer :hammer: on his father’s head and was prisoned for few days.
I say, he didn’t do any crime but why he was imprisoned! You, the police :policeman: did injustice with him. Even though he would kill his father you had no right to imprison him because you, the policeman are not giving the value of Lord Jesus’ Crucifixion. He wiped out all’s sins through the crucifixion. All means all. Doesn’t Devid Wood is one amongst the all? Alas! Poor policeman. :pensive:

Try your best pig but this wont get you nothing.

They’re probably no longer eager to debate because they learn that what you’re saying is true.

David, I just want to thank you for all of your efforts and videos which make navigating Islam’s sources so easy and efficient. I have been debating my best friend who is a Muslim for quite some time and she has now told me, “If you can prove to me that Jesus is God, I will be Christian.” I feel that the best place to begin is to prove to her that the Bible has not been corrupted, and then teach her the truth that is contained within the Bible after that. Do you have any advice? I have also asked if there is any possibility you could make a video explaining the evidence we have for the credibility and preservation of our scriptures. THANK YOU!

Mr Wood… Why don’t you make videos about Christianity to let people learn more about your “cute” religion, if someone wants to know about islam, this is the job of imams not the job of infidels like you. Or you’re afraid no one would care about your videos anymore​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What Quran translation do you guys recommend we buy to help refute Islam?

Islam cannot survive the truth !

Hey guys. Can you get Robert Spencer to post his testimony?