Answering Islam LIVE Starts Tonight (8:00pm EST)

Tonight, Anthony Rogers and I will begin a LIVE online discussion/Q&A between Christians, Muslims, and others. We hope that everyone will join us at 8:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)!

More power to you brother. I saw your video on Cathy Newman VS Peterson interview. I think you used a part of Peterson’s conversation to validate an already proven point which is unequal treatment of women by a failed ideology/religion aka Islam. However, I believe you hate that sassy looking hot British cougar because besides your own sister/s and meek wife the only women you could ever sexually touch were disoriented minors from your church. You’re linking the pedophile prophet to that British cougar due to your extreme sexual frustrations and millIons of masturbation sessions you have endured all by yourself. That makes you more or less the same as the followers of Muhammed. You know better than all of us that a hot classy British milf will not even touch you with a pole 10 feet away. God bless.

▓▒░ And we lifted up our eyes in YouTube, and saw,
and behold the Description writing which saith:
Easter Standard Time.
Therefore, were our hearts filled with gladness and joy
at the eighth hour of Easter Standard Time. ▒▓

Answering Islam when U ARE NOT A MUSLIM, doesn’t make sense. It is like a magnet repel, Dude😑

Hello,man of GOD,may you be very wise always.You have brought him to the worst shameful respect.,and made the whole world knows the false prophets.

Like a lion tears apart,you too make for fakir mike shameful always.the universe appreciate you.

David, you should certainly make a video discussing the evidence and sources you used to prove to Nabeel that the Bible has not been corrupted. It would be wildly helpful

that’s on suterday :sweat_smile::sweat:

Thank,s bro David.

So what d allegations he want to answer concerning Islam ???

Great Service brother I am from India

David you criticize Islam and the quran but yet fail to see that the bible was written by guys who never met jesus. Explain to me how that makes sense brother




Amazing, I will be there.

Can’t get enough of the gangster dumb played on the Islamicise me series. “I don’t know why we are getting sick, it must be the Jew’s fault.” Exactly as a Crazy Jihady.

Do a debate against Imam Tawhidi

David hammered his father and was jailed.

Islamize ME.
Where can I get the song you play at the beginning of Islamize ME video?
Thank you

missed it mate , hope it goes well !!.