Answering Mormonism (LIVE with Dr. Tony Costa, 8:00pm ET)

I’d be interested in seeing a discussion between you and Danielle C Peterson. There isn’t enough inter faith dialog discussion. Particularly on the history of the witnesses to the book of mormon.

Funny how every time one of you children of the world does a video on “Mormons” you always use a hostile witness who is is highly inaccurate and biased in his rants… It’s like asking a Democrat his opinion of Donald Trump. It’s a total waste of an hour and a half. All it is is confirmation bias and brainwashing the ignorant.
First century Christians were the most hated people in the world. They were so despised in their day, that the mere mention of their name brought instant negative connotations to all those that heard it.
Nineteenth century Mormonism was hated by the world nearly as much as the first century Christians were. Even to this day the mere mention of their name brings out instant negative connotations to all those that hear it.
Maybe you could do a video why the world similarly hated both of them. Oh wait, that would be hitting too close to home wouldn’t it?
“9 …I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine… 14 I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.” John 17

None of you are Christians even if some of you claim to be, so you probably have no idea what I am talking about.

Isn’t it interesting how the historical accounts of Joseph Smith’s life sound almost exactly like the hadiths? Especialy the parts about him desiring married women and then his god grants him any such wish with a convenient revelation.

Muhammad’s rap name - Bringem Young PBUH.

Both religions are also infamous for massacres on September 11.

I went to a Mormon baptism and prayed the person being baptized would get out of it. He passed out and the paramedics were called. I had that creepy feeling a couple of times in Episcopal church buildings.

Joseph Smith and Muhammad are spiritual brothers with the same father named Satan.

Polygamy is still practiced in Salt Lake. The way they get around it being illegal is now they do it spiritually. They have ceremonies that are similar to their baptism for the dead where they marry the dead. That way they can practice their “Everlasting Covenant” and still become a god. I lived in Salt Lake City for years and was surrounded by Mormons. If you ask enough people enough questions you eventually get someone to tell you what goes on behind that veil.

56:30 Joseph Smith was given the gun for his own protection by Cyrus Wheelock when he visited the prisoners. That gun belonged to John Taylor a fellow prisoner in Carthage Jail.

4:18 Joseph Smith himself said “I shall become to this generation a new Mohammed.”

We Mormons do not believe the journal of discourses as doctrine

I grew up Mormon. I no longer believe. I have not been convinced of any organized religion. How do you know you have the right religion? When you say you felt the Temple was bad. Mormons would go to your worship and feel that was off as well. I went to a First Presbyterian Church shortly after I lost my belief. I wanted to keep my belief in Christ. Everyone was very nice, but I found the rituals strange and felt uncomfortable for a lot of it.

Seems like all religions teach exclusivity. I don’t see how that can be. As I’ve had this experience I’ve realized a couple of things. The Spirit that “guided me” in Mormonism was indistinguishable from my own feelings. The second thing is there is A LOT I don’t know.

It seems to me that we are all programmed to continue believing what we already believe.

So how can I ever be confident about the thing I believe being the exclusively correct religion?

There are so many contradictions and moving goal posts in religion.

Ya know what? I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, just said the full name instead of Mormon because I wanted to emphasize that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of our church. But anyway, I’m still subscribed. You’re search for the truth is a good endeavor and I support it. I have felt the spirit of Christ, and I know where to find it. And nothing or no one can refute that from me. And this criticism does not affect me at all.

32 degree Mason?:point_right:

Similiaritie between joseph smith and Muhammad. They were both false prophets

Mormonism is successfully integrating into mainstream Christianity. Chistian homeschool communities have embraced a Mormon homeschool curricula. Your friend Chad has it listed as a homeschool recomendation. YouTube channels of Morman families are extremely successful. Thanks for this interview. Very helpful. Christian discernment is weak in this area. -Danya

My first (accidental) venture into Christian apologetics came just after I’d recommitted to my faith and had started to (actually) read the Bible, for probably the first time in my life! I went into it complete innocent, knowing nothing about Mormonism and promised the missionaries I would give them and their texts a fair chance so I did no research other than listen to them, read the books (the ones they lead with) and read my Bible. Suffice to say that after 2 months, despite genuine pleas, they will no longer even come to my condominium complex!
And i sincerely miss our talks and continue to pray for them.
Anyway, it is true that Mormonism, in how Joseph Smith Jr claims it started, is EXACTLY like Islam and I honestly believe Smith got the idea from Islam through the incident with the Barbary Pirates, which was a big deal and occurred perhaps 10-15 years prior to Smiths first “angelic visit”. Interesting indeed!

I am an ex-Mormon who by grace, came to place all my faith for eternal life in the biblical Jesus Christ. I was raised LDS in Brazil from age 5 and was very devoted. Served a full-time mission for the church, attended the temple frequently, etc.
Last year, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me the need to tell the LDS about the biblical Gospel and to give them the reason for the hope I now have in Christ, as well as my assurance of eternal life with God. I have a baby YT channel called “From Joseph to Jesus”, and also intend to begin videos in Portuguese because access to information about the church’s early history and doctrines is not easily accessible in that language.

33 wives no biggie…

Why would they be deported to mexico?