Anthony Weiner Tried to Punk My Cousin!

I love hearing the laughing in the background.

Mr Weiners ex wife Huma Abadien and Killary are pedaphiles as well.

Danger, Weiner Danger

ROFL he must be trying to pick up teen girls.

Thank heavens the he isn’t Anthony Smith, because just hearing “weiner” over and over again elevates this whole anecdote to another level.

LoL umm just send or turn in that card…if he sees the video he could state that he lost it or it was stolen and then the Hebrew National would be in your face.

I thought it is David Wood until I hear his voice :smiley:

Haha…Wiener in the face…Yeah, that’s what I thought. Credit Card fraud and political extortion. This small story makes one wonder. Turn the card in to FBI…haha.

Wiener deserves the further ‘notoriety.” But I didn’t deserve being subjected to those infamous pics yet again. I guess it was worth in the long run. Maybe he’ll go away for a long time now.

Lets start posting Weiner sitings .

My goodness he looks just like you!

Prayers for Manny

There is only one cure for Crazy Weiner Syndrome… Time travel!

“At the park with Wiener on my mind.”

That a swag dw

Standing in a park shouting, “Weiner, hey weiner”. Just be careful it’s not you that gets arrested.

What a Weener


So happy to see you still have your humor in the face of such hardship. Still praying for you and your family.