Apologetics Conference and Debates Nov. 13-15 in Orange County, CA!

Our Strong Tower is an annual conference feature lectures, discussions, training, and debates. This year’s conference will be in Orange County, California, November 13th-15th, and will feature Jay Smith, Shabir Ally, Anthony Rogers, Edward Dalcour, David Wood, and others.

For more information on the Our Strong Tower Conference, and to register, click here: 1- OST Information - M2M Network


Ok David Wood - I’ve had enough of your censorship of my comments, and on exactly how you treat Orthodox Christians except for anyone who is resembles what you do ( Fr. Zacharia Boutros.) You’re not a strong man at all if one woman like me intimidates you this much, spilling the truth about how you and your circle of friends inexplicably screen out exactly the people you should be speaking with on these conferences, these ministries to muslims, activities, etc., that you organize. I’m seeing it happen across the board with all of you except for Sam Shamoun - much to his credit on that aspect. Enjoy partial spiritual blindness for now while you pursue your overriding goal. And then what? It will be interesting seeing you at the Second Coming of Christ indeed. I think you will have a very strange look on your face when all is said and done.

India burma srilanka will be Christian by 2050.
God blessing these nations. Pray for the evangelicals

Hey David! Could you review Emir Stein center, it’s so bad justifying sharia etc. one world religion stuff​:nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Will it be put up on your channel?

David Wood Apologizes to All Muslims david hope you remember this video then will you learn a lesson from the almighty GOD because no one has a power except GOD

i watch a video of debate you and mohamed hijab all i can say is may the almighty GOD guide you to the straight path.

You have deleted my comments. Peace be upon you brother! Don’t forget, Yusuf Este!

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend. I want you guys to consider switching to another platform. Lots of people are joining up on Rumble. I realize you have a ton of content on YouTube but I personally want to quit supporting YouTube and want to get off of YouTube. If you guys would go somewhere else then I could get off YouTube.

Long live david

:point_down: Covid Wood :point_down:

:trophy:Best lier in the world :trophy:

Stay safe Mr. Wood… Praying for your safety

May God bless you all and protect you in JESUS almighty name

I don’t get why you need security in order to discuss the teachings this beautiful Religion of Peace has to offer.
Those who follow this gorgeous humbling, peaceful and enlightening religion would never ever stoop down so low to attack you, even if you offended them. In fact, they would welcome your criticism, and very kindly and respectfully explain their position and theology, while kindly asking you to consider it, but ultimately taking absolutely no offense and respecting whichever decision you make at the end. They pray for their apostates, hoping that they find the right path and peace in their lives, never wishing any harm upon them, nor do they ever wish it on those of different or no religion.

… hang on, did I shift into another universe again? John, which universe are we in right now?

David you are epic love you man

To clarify, do we need to register to see it online too?

@Acts17Apologetics, Please could you clarify which time zone applies to all the sessions in the program? Thanks.

Soo are you gonna try to prove that Mohammed exist?

God Bless you David

I hear you’ve been banned on this rat bag platform formally for content creators called you tube!
Been a fan since hydrogen, helium and lithium were the mainstays around the universe😂
Hold fast bro.
Old fast​:thinking::uk::+1: