Apologetics empire: project 1

We’re building a Christian Apologetics Empire! Here’s the first project!

Link to my other YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/DavidWoodVideos

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I would love to join this project by helping translate English into Tagalog. I live in the United States now but I grew up in the Philippines. During high school, my History teacher told us that the disciples of Jesus lied about/made up His divinity - this led me from becoming a skeptic for a while to almost converting to Islam. By the grace of God, I came upon your videos and from there I revisited my teacher’s claim about Jesus’ divinity. By the love of Jesus, I am now a Christian.

This is a genius idea! I was wondering when the Apologetics Empire Would begin too RISE!!

Obligatory comment for engagement credit for empire building!

I hope this will be a reality, I am from Puerto Rico and my english is not good, so for me is amazing your idea to make your videos in spanish. You can reach more people in the name of LORD JESUS. God bless you David and your family.

Yoruba language is spoken in Nigeria, Benin republic, Togo, Brazil, and parts of Caribbean…
Ready for translation into Yoruba language…

Willing to join here from Ethiopia!

Please help me to join this vibrant and inspiring team!

I’m so late to party. I’ve just recently discovered you, if still needed I can do Brazilian Portuguese

Please translate into BENGALI

I would like very much to translate into Bahasa Malaysia. I have done many translation into this language and have the experience.

This is GREAT!

I’d love to be a part of this. I’m fluent in Spanish.

Hope I am not too late, I can cover the some South African audience, in Isizulu as well as English (accent and dialect differs a bit)

I’m a little late to the party, and by no means fluent, but I am happy to help any German, French, or Italian people who need it.

I’m kinda bad at Estonian, Ok at Russian, somewhat fluent in German. But I’m a young teenager, Is there any way you could make a kid’s section for the site for young Christians? Btw I’m a super devout Catholic who loves theology and Apologetics.

@Acts17Apologetics. Hi David, can you contact ME? I would like to offer some translation services. French and/or German.

हिंदी! Hindi!

Thank you for organizing this ! I would like to help translate to Mandarin Chinese ! Lord please bless this project!

I am in… I can translate into Afrikaans.