Apologetics Empire: Project One UPDATE

Here’s an update on Project One of the Apologetics Empire! The videos and tutorials will be posted on my other channel: https://www.youtube.com/davidwoodvideos

Here’s the original video on Project One: - YouTube

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Dude you got Jorge to work with you!! That’s awesome! Si señor!! :ok_hand::+1::sunglasses:

David! The Lord is your strength.

Gospel is powerful!
Please help me to join your vibrant team!

Pwede po sumali?

unless something weird happens…what happened? On the website there is nothing but one video… Please continue this awsome idea!

Hey David! Please do videos on quranic verses being taken out of context because when I expose the violent, nasty, contradictory verses in the Quran and show them to Muslims they always use the excuse that I’m taking verses out of context. (Although they don’t elaborate on how I’m taking them out of context hmm…) God bless all that you do and I’ll be praying for you!

wheres the “is mohamed sexually moral?”?

Now this is EPIC.

I would try to attempt to make videos in German, but I’m an American who doesn’t know very much.
I am excellent at reciting history though, I could do a history of Christianity, from the Crucifixion of Jesus until the Modern day.

Is there some way English-only speakers can help Project 1?

It you need help for Italian translations I can help

I would like to do it in Mandarin Chinese!

Hi David, I have another idea: just like the apologetics material in video, you should also make a website template for an apologetics website that we can easily copy and translate and host in our language.

Netherlands are we still on board for this? Let’s go!

David Wood is truly formidable. A veritable hero of our time.

Since a team of people will be editing and publishing, I urge you to use version control – like Git or Mercurial – for the contribution and peer review of translations. This accelerates the process and solves the problem of bad actors.

Awesome topics line-up!

It would be nice to figure out a way for others that don’t make videos to MIRROR the videos of the language(s) of choice on their own YT channel please. I don’t do many videos but I’d certainly mirror these so help on how to do that would be appreciated ;o}

Do take help of, Apostate prophet

How did I miss this video?! I’ve been following David Wood since seven years and have watched almost every debate of his. Read both of Nabeel Qureshi’s books as well - ‘Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus’ and ‘No God But One: Allah or Jesus?’. I can help with Hindi translation, editing, voice-over etc.
Someone, please let me know how to go about it.