Apologetics Q&A with Mike Licona, Tim Stratton, and David Wood

David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics), Mike Licona (Risen Jesus), and Tim Stratton (FreeThinking Ministries) answer questions dealing with Christian Apologetics.

Mike Licona’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/milico885
Tim Stratton’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjoJHrgHyjBgOiSTxFT0Dag

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Mostly free will is given to us just to choose to love God or not to love him. When we choose to Love God , we we will choose everything to please God. When we love God, we will choose, what will please him, thats why we were not made to love God and that is why Jesus told us to Love God.Loving God is automatically done not by force

Dudes you need to take that guy with the eye patch to the next hajj the muslims would shite themselves

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There is no god but Allah. Noha had been came in 3500 years ago. Ibrahim had been came in 3000 years ago.Musa had been came in 2500 years ago. Isa (jesu) had been came in 2000 years ago.Mohammad (s.w) came in 1400years ago.What there job in the world?.

Hi David wood big fan but I was wondering if you can help me out and explain 1 Corinthians 14:34 means

I have read Lydia McGrew’s book The Mirror or the Mask: Liberating the Gospels from Literary Devices and one thing you cannot say is that it is sloppy! I understand that Mike Licona may be upset because Lydia exposes the literary device theory for what it is. David Wood - please read the book and let Lydia McGrew at least defend herself. Dr. McGrew went out of her way to tell people that they should get Mike Licona’s book Why are There Differences in the Gospels. Why did Dr. Licona warn people against even reading the book? Lydia McGrew made her case well and was extremely thorough. Please David don’t just let this defamation of both herself “sloppy” and her work “she doesn’t know what she is talking about” or words to that effect go unanswered without letting her defend her work.

hey, no one describes a miracle akin to the resurrection. all testimonies are vague. healings and the supernatural are too weak to match up with a dead man coming back to life in a transformed body! not convincing!

This is so cool! Ill be doing apologetic’s on my channel

David Wood, (or any other YouTube apologist) I wish you could answer this for me:

As of now, I just try to shed a little Biblical truth in the comment sections of controversial YouTube videos…usually having to do with Judaism. I usually get attacked! One woman has attached herself to me. She’s a belittler, namecaller, noise-maker type person. I try to logically answer her attacks, but she doesn’t seem to hear a word I say. My question is: How do you differentiate between those attackers who are truly inquisitive behind their attacks, and those who just want to fight, with no intention of ever truly hearing. Is it possible she really IS interested in what I’m saying? Do you keep trying with those types, or just let them go?

For some reason this video is impossible to download, David. Shalom from Erik W in Sweden

That Jude Augustine doesn’t know what he’s talking when he says it’s safe here in India :india: for Christians… Churches are being attacked very frequently in different parts of India, including attacks on Christians… I’ve witnessed our crosses being destroyed by authorities in the name of development…:pray:

3 white people promoting a white mans religion.

Is the problem of evil the same as Epicurus paradox?

Fantastic chat. Thanks to all three of you for an informative evening.

Bless you all brothers in Christ.

The guy with a snake has a good argument.

Out of hundreds of gods to choose from. What are the odds?

Love Tim Stratton, really hope to catch the live stream about Molinism.

David Wood

I really want to debate you?