Arab Festival 2010: False Accusations and Shoddy Police Work

People ask why we won’t enter the Dearborn Arab Festival without video cameras. This video should clear things up.

Note, Roger “You-need-to-worry-about-me-messing-with-you” Williams was able to complain, without any evidence, to the police who summarily threw us in jail, though we had evidence. Where in the US do the police participate in this level of injustice?

Welcome to Dearborn. Hope you brought bail money.

10:50. When that girl was taking pictures of me i woulda made a cross out of my two index fingers like in the Dracula movies.

Shoddy police work!? You’re way to kind, that wss Cowardly police work! Those cops aint that dumb! They knew where the trouble was gonna come from, that was LAZY , COWARDLY , DEFEATIST police work! Why stick up for the constitution in America when you can easily surrender in little Arabia ? SHAMEFUL!

Nabeel sooner or later we all are going to the same direction you went, thank God you choose the right path. RIP until we reunite again :heart::latin_cross:

Dearborn police are not police, they are the gestapo for the Muslims there.

I hope that God would raise a generation like the Monghols one more time!!!

Can someone come forward and sue the police department!?

I think after this video he got really sick then he did a lot of prayers and died

Good work, should be viewed by all students in American school system. All your work. If any of you should on the missing or suicide list it would be of no surprise. Be careful.

I’m watching this in Nov ,2018 after the Wood Vs Hijab debate. God bless you guys for standing for The Truth. I’m inspired to do my very best for Jesus my Saviour while I still have some time.

Now I have no love of Muslim’s coming to out country and trying to bring Sharia Law. I am afraid that ISIS is getting tarriest into our country. How ever watching your video, I’m afraid that by inserting yourselves into another persons conversation. Then being told by one of them, they were having a friendly conversation. Instead of you saying alright, and just walking away. You had to make a derogatory comment about Roger. Roger returned your derogatory comment. Tit for Tat. Instead of walking away, you decided to confront him.
Roger was being rather nice about it. Tried to walk away as he said in that police report, but as he said, you kept asking him questions. Then leaving your camera you went to confront him again! Sorry judging by your video, you were looking for and got confrontation. It was you that stopped and interfered in another]s conversation. Thus you were looking for confrontation, guilty of what the police report stated. Defend it in your own mind id you want. I’m not buying it!


God is with you guys, continue the good fight

Haha a good old fashioned ‘Star Wars’ style crawl of the slew of false accusations! Awesome! Love the humor amidst the intensity of the situation.

Nabeel explained this well, indeed. He will certainly be missed. RIP to our dear brother.

This is our justice this happens all the time, I was accused of loitering once. I was asking what did we do wrong we had ID and I was going home. He said he would put me in jail me, I stoppped complaining because the police are robbing drug dealers and whores all the time I could not afford to be robbed.

I have watched your video and it is, as you said it would be. Nothing happened and you did nothing wrong. But you say that the police did not uphold the law. Which is true and you and your friends are the new method of greasing the justice wheel, this is what I mean. The law of the land states that, it is against the law to drink and drive, that law is the same throughout North America. So why doesn’t the government change the law, to zero tolerance for drinking and driving. Well that is because, this law greases the justice wheel and here is how. They arrest you, giving you a criminal record, confiscate your vehicle, a big fine, points on your licence, insurance cost increase. Then you have to deal with the court cost, legal fees, perhaps AA program ordered by the court. The installation of a electronic device for your car, with monthly reboots for you to drive the car. The towing costs and storage all determined by the police themselves, 30, 60, 90 days if you get your vehicle back at all. On top of all that, it gives the police a way to pull you over anytime they want. Just to infringe on your privacy, maybe check out your trunk, personal belongings, which might lead to a search of your residence, or employment/office. Not to mention, it helps increase the number of police, lawyers, judges, and government officials needed to enforce these bogus laws and all the taxes collected for every aspect of this crime. Oh and lets not forget the forest needed for all the paper work!Now turn your attention to the Muslim situation, your civil rights are getting stepped on or taken away altogether. You speak up for those rights, just to have the LAW step in and arrest you for opposing someone stepping on your rights. Where is the LAW, police officers are told NOT to do anything, because this situation creates CHAOS, exactly what the government wants, calling for them to increase the justice system, more police, lawyers, judges, government officials, more taxes. That justice system is not for free, someone has to pay for it. But rest assured the Muslims on welfare or social services, will be playing their part in making sure, that those costs for this great justice system, will increase in the near future!So good luck on the crusade, trying to bring peace to your part of this great world, come HELL or high water! PS. but don’t forget a box of shells is still cheaper, then those other costs you will have. WTF?

Question the creditability of their warlord, mohammed.

Over zealous “VOLUNTEER” on his big day of self importance.

In a muslim environment , police will be most ,of the time , against christians. Police officers will go along the group that is higher in number or they want do anything. Why ? Because police need to protect themselves too.