Arab Festival 2010: Nabeel and Paul's Arrest in Dearborn

Chief of Police: 313-943-2235
Mayor’s Office: 313-943-2300
Mayor’s Email:
Dearborn Police and Mayor John C. O’Reilly have accused us of screaming at Muslims, harassing them, and inciting a riot. What will they say in response to video proof that they are wrong?

David, I live near Dearborn, are you ever going to do this again?? I’ll go!!

Nabeel was a true believer. Such a beautiful soul. The way he speaks shows how blessed he is through Christ

David getting arrested lol

Jesus have warned us there will be persecution as a Christians. God bless :fist::heart:

Better late then never…the day I came upon Nabeel testimony is the the day I know his demise… and I know he is in heaven., and I mourn for him and his family… he made such an impact in me can’t stop watching all his video such a great man… David wood u r a good friend God bless you

Did any of the ‘Christians’ from Dearborn ever apologise for their false accusations against Nabeel? I mean, he went on to minister with RZIM and write several books which have some of American Christianity’s most popular speakers promoting his ministry. Did any acknowledge their role in spreading these lies about you and Nabeel?

Hehe lolzz :joy::joy::sweat_smile::joy:

SHAME ON THE DEARBORN POLICE. You guys really should sue them for false arrest.

We must to make a complaint to police

I am sad to say this, but Nabeel Qureshi passed away earlier this year, a victim of stomach cancer. He is survived by his wife Michelle, his daughter Ayah, and also by his parents and sister, who remain Muslim. Please, if you have been touched by his testimony and preaching at all, keep then all in your prayers. God bless you all, and may Nabeel be greatly rewarded in heaven.

Pray for the Muslims in Dearborn.

so know I’m really " sure you will stay 4 long in the hell Nabeel ediot.

Arrested for talking too much shit.god has to sacrifice himself for our sins or he would not be a just God.WHT???


Wow that was amazing to watch. Shame on the police of that city, yeah it truly is the last days. God bless you David and RIP Nabeel

Christians who are bad mouthing Muslims and calling them hypocrites, JESUS SAID LOVE YOUR ENEMY…Who’s the hypocrite??? There arw too many ignorant comments made by too many ignorant people on both sides. Educate yourselves before you express your opinions please, and please practice what you supposedly believe before you open your mouth no matter who you are.

Hopefully Nabeel is eating plenty of falafels in heaven!

Look at how loving he is to those around him. He truly loved them enough to go and preach peacefully to those asking for answers. 1 Peter 3:15. May we all have such witness. We will always pray for Michelle, Ayah, David, Mr. & Mrs. Qureshi, Wahijah, and all of Qureshi family. <3

they only kids but they approached him like gangsters