Are Muslims Being Forced to Convert to Christianity? (David Wood)

A recent MSN headline for an article in The Guardian suggested that Muslim asylum seekers in Greece are being forced to convert to Christianity. The article, however, simply reported that two Christian aid workers gave copies of the Gospel of John to some Muslims at the camp. Why would the media suggest that Muslims were being forced to convert when they were only being given copies of a single book of the Bible? David Wood examines the media bias.

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If jesus is the son of god then whos the jesus father? Shouldnt christian be worshipping jesus father?

Christ Jesus who is God “the Son” came down to earth and paid the full debt of sin once and for all so that Gods justice remains perfect and righteous having no sin go unpunished and that it reveals Gods ultimate love for us. For God demonstrated His own love for us in that while we were still yet sinners Christ died for us. Through Christ Jesus we have salvation “eternal Life”

Who was the jesus’s step father? I forgot his name.

God bless you David God will always be there for you and your family. No body can defite you God is with u .u are a good judge

Loved this video. Not sure what the few dislikes are about. They must hate thinking for themselves too

We’re almost becoming like nazi germany. The propagandists are working over time to protect their pets from discussions and the government and law enforcement is working to enable the the outcome those in power want. I never thought I’d see the day when 10 cops show up for someone handing out the Gospel. I guess they’re now the Gestapo. Crazy world we live in. The Dizzle strikes again.

Darn those German blasts! Them blasts must be Nazi blasts! :))

Evangelist are trouble maker anywhere in the world

Sir please or anyone help me what is the meaning of amen plzz anyone is it accept my prayer or truly

Muslims are brainwashed. “Religion of peace”



Unbelievable the way they described 2 bombings in Germany you wouldn’t know no they were terrorists you would think they died at work too faced don’t believe newspapers care about the indigenous people

If Muslims are converting to Christianity, they are coming out of darkness to the marvellous light of Jesus. All unbelievers are welcome to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and enjoy royal life in the Kingdom of Jesus. What a joy it will be in heaven if all unbelievers accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

This is so typical of the mainstream media. they wonder why people called them fake news and no longer believe anything they say

The stink of media bias, is more abhorrent to me than the jihadis themselves. At least the jihadis make zero attempt to lie to me! They speak plainly in language I understand. The media goes after the secondary problem, not the asshole with a bomb or gun, or who mows people down with a truck in the name of Islam.
Isis say we will defeat you in three ways,
First we will defeat you through Hijra, as you can clearly see.
Second, we will defeat you through the wombs of our women.
And third, we will use your miserable and pathetic laws of freedom against you.

The wests response!?
Islam is a religion of peace,
The killer wasn’t a proper Muslim,
American foreign policy is to blame.
The books of Islam have nothing to do with radical terror!:joy:

What can I do, but laugh and laugh and laugh at our coming demise. We pay for the rope that will choke us, how ironic…

I will not leave to worship God the creater who created the heavens and the earth and Adam and Eve Noah and Abraham and Mose and Jesus and Muhammad peace be upon him all of them and worship man on the cross!

I used to be Muslim growing up, and on the same day on the school bus one day, after a brief but friendly conversation with two girls (one Christian, one Mormon) before getting off, they handed me a copy each of the Bible AND the Book of Mormon. I took them home and showed my Muslim family. The reaction was basically “Cool.” I ended up tossing them in the closet and never reading them. That aside, I’ve only ever had peaceful exchanges about religion, even and especially after 9/11.

You actually risk the death penalty if you walk around with a Bible in Saudi Arabia