Are There Contradictions in the Quran? (Answering Islam Part 15)

Muslims are convinced that the Qur’an is free from error, but you won’t believe how easy it is to find contradictions in it!

This is the fifteenth video of our “Answering Islam” series, where David Wood answers the question: “Are There Contradictions in the Qur’an?”

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It’s fine to know something, another to put it into words, but Dr. Wood gives us tools to use.

Hi David. It’s a generally understood belief that in surah 41, verses 9-12, the mentioning of two days of creating the actual sole earth without any forms of life, sustenance, or mountains are included in the four days of creating the entire earth. This is because an extra two days consist of preparing the earth by placing mountains upon the earth, blessing the earth, and providing sustenance and forms of life. These four days plus the two days of creating the heavens add up to six heavenly days of creation. In fact, this sequence of creation with intervals of two days actually corresponds similarly to the biblical Genesis creation narrative, except with the seventh day on which Jews and Christians believe God rested, while Muslims believe god never becomes tired. Thus, all of creation was not made in 8 days, but rather 6 days.

As for whether he created the earth or the heavens first, it’s believed that Allah (swt) created the earth first, then the heavens, according to surah 2, verse 29. Surah 79, verses 27-30 don’t contradict this belief, as the order in which they are created isn’t specified in these verses. In fact, the reason why the sky is mentioned first instead of the earth in the verses, where it says “Which is harder to create: you or the sky?”, is because the almost infinite sky, heavens, and space are seen to be usually grander than the earth, so it adds to the grandiose comparison between humans and outer space rather than using the finite earth itself in a way that is clear and even poetic.

Hopefully, you can consider this.

What David is reading is the translation of the Quran … he doesn’t have any dept knowledge of the Arabic language. That is why when we have doubt of the translations, we can still go to the original text, that in Arabic to reassess on the text.

at 0:48 quran is not talking about math book it is saying through reference of other scripture

Literally non of these are a contradiction he just don’t understand the Quran​:skull::skull:

This man needs help​:joy::joy::joy:. Everything he said is somewhat true but misguided. It’s laughable. For example that man being created from earth even the Bible said adam was created from earth and then the man is made of water isn’t the human body 70% water and then man is made from clot. How do we reproduce do we just rise from the dirt​:joy::joy::joy:. He’s just confused may allah guide him.

How funny these guya are that even Me who does know that much about Islam can answer 70% of their questions.
They are just embarrassing the entire Christian community.

99.99999 comments are of Muslims in here who knows that this is totally rubbish I mean Woods just tryin to gain fame even when he knows nothing about ISLAM

You have to look at the context David. The first example you gave Allah (SWT) was referring to the Quran. So if somebody other than god had tried to produce a book LIKE the Quran it surely would have many contradictions. That’s why you can’t have the attitude when reading the Quran to only find contradictions. You will have to read the so-called contradiction and ask yourself could this be a contradiction or is there an explanation to this.

Again as I said this surah was referring to if somebody was to produce something like the Quran they would surely have many contradictions within it.

But I got some contradictions in the bible on the other hand.
Matthew 1:16 it states that Jesus’ father is Joseph whose father is JACOB
Luke 3:23 it states that Jesus’ father is Joseph whose father is HELI
Who is the father of Joseph really?

damn you really have peaked ignorance havent you?

U need to read the quran bruh

There’s a reason he doesn’t show what the verses say. I read them all n everything u said is a lie. But nice try

Poor mohi, he was completely out of his mind, delusion followed delusions in mass, then he just lost the line. Yeah, if you make up bullshit out of your ass and you spread non stop lies for the illiteral savages (just like mohi himself) around you, once you definitely will make contradictions. You can’t remember all the bullshit, nonsense, irrational lies what you said weeks or months ago. Or, may he had a small notebook what he always kept with himself and when he started to think about the next blatant stupidity he just catch the last shit, thinked it over and lets start. Incredible to see there is anyone on the planet who gives any credibilty for any religion at all. Islam is among the worst. Crazy stupid and silly.

Everything this guy said is wrong or already answered. Some of his questions are illogical. I got answer for everyone of them. Thanks for making my faith in Islam stronger

I would suggest you, David, study more about Quran. Your contradictions are false. All thanks to Allah, I left Christianity for Islam. The best decision ever!

Then he met sheikh uthman

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david nigga wood :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

“To you is your religion and to us is ours…”…Not a single word of disbelievers is going to affect us…May Allah guide you so that you stop spreading the fake…rather than . The truth…