Are There Fables in the Quran? David Wood vs. Shabir Ally

The Qur’an contains numerous stories that are known to be taken from second- through seventh-century forgeries. The Qur’an even acknowledges that Muhammad’s contemporaries repeatedly accused him of copying his stories from other sources. Do these forgeries call into question the reliability of Muhammad? David Wood and Shabir Ally discuss the issue in their debate on whether Muhammad gives the truth about Jesus.

Lies, Shabir! The hallmark of Muhammad’s plagiarism is the complete absence of any moral teaching on the topic.

Shabir Ally preparing his way to hell.

David 1 Shabeer 0.
So、Shabeers argument is that yes、the stories are fake…But they are there to teach you a lesson. I see you

He just evaded the question.i mean if quran is not here to give a proper account of history then how much of it is wrong?

Islam is false

And Islam just died

This man is being paid very well by the Saudis to lie or do what ever it takes to hide Jesus from them . He was struggling through out the debate trying to justify that false prophet Muhammad. I am just waiting for a Muslim to show me where in bible did God say that the prophet’s would come through the blood line of Ishmael in whom they say Muhammad came … Let me save you some time IT’S not there… God promise was made through Isaac the son of Sarah Gen 26-28 and not through Hagar the mother of Ishmael. This is why I call this wannabe prophet Muhammad A FALSE PROPHET.AND NOTHING MORE.

Is it just me or does David sound like Alex Trebec from Jeopardy?

All these muslim channels on youtube are saying that david was acting cartoonish,childish and losing his cool cause shabir was winning the debate…I laugh at that,David came into this debate with facts and very reliable sources to back up his claims. Its pathetic how muslims blind themselves and try to twist things around to feel better about their own beliefs and views (which if many did research would be in doubt of what they where taught) knowing that their bests apologist"s refuse to debate because they realize how quick and easy their info can get refuted and proven wrong or false.Muslims like to use science, false stories and interesting theories that where never proven facts or have strong evidence behind them to prove their claims in debates. Wake up guys…praise be the lord jesus christ…AMEN

Game Over, beard dude!

Muhammad is pedophile, case closed Muhammad is satan

the evil Shin-allah is NOT akbar, he only speaks arabic and his is part of a LEG, a SHIN.
Source: narrated in the book of Towhid of Sahih al-Bukhari:(Page 1021, No.7437, A-Soltaniah Edition)
Then Allah will come to them and says: “I am your Lord”, they reply: we’ll stay here till our Lord comes to us and when he comes to us we will recognize him, then Allah will appear in such a SHAPE that they can recognize: a SHIN as found in sahih bukhari 7439

Abduls deny the SON of God in a FLESH body, while their allah actually can take on a SHAPE and is part of a LEG, a SHIN! <<< HYPOCRITES. POTATOS.

Shabir is admitting that these fables ARE in the Koran, but Muhammad just used them for teaching purposes . Pretty lame.


Do you want Shabir to start doubting about the Qur’ān and then having no other choice than becoming a Christian and in the same time an Apostate ?

Do you have any consideration to Shabirs life ?

One day I think we will see Shabir Ally debating Muslims on why Christianity is from God and Islam is not…I can see the wheels turning by the look on his face… Good job David!

Great reply from brother Shabbir

loses sound at the end

Did Shabir basically agree with David there, just without saying he agreed?!

Did Shabir just admitted that Qur’an is full of fabrications?