Are There Hadiths That Say Aisha Had Reached Puberty?

According to the most popular English translation of Sahih al-Bukhari 476, Aisha had reached puberty before her marriage to Muhammad was consummated. According to the most popular English translation of Sunan Abu Dawud 4915, Aisha started to menstruate as she was being taken to Muhammad’s house so he could consummate the marriage to her. But is this what these hadiths actually say in the Arabic, or are Muslim translators mistranslating passages? Moreover, are Muslim scholars like Jonathan Brown, and popular da-ees like Asadullah Ali Al-Andalusi, and Muslim organizations like the Yaqeen Institute deceiving their followers? David Wood and Al Fadi investigate.

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How can the translation be wrong when it is from an Islamic site?

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This whole argument on their part is amusing to me since it doesn’t matter if she was menstruating or not. She would still be a child and it’s therefore pedophilia. We don’t base that on whether we are bleeding yet or not. Boys can be victims and they don’t menstruate

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These channels are keeping Muslim leaders busy and together converting hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

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Let’s just throw the rest of her life and time till the death of Muhammad under the bus because we don’t need to know that

@Acts17apologetics You have someone who can read arabig and you don’t have them reading the original to see what phrases correspond to the translations given (if any). He should have either:

1)Provide his own translation

The original contains these sentences found in the translations.

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What a strange a topic to obsess about, yet this ideology goes on and on about it, passage after passage.
I know of no other religion that goes on and on about stuff like this. If guests on the Jerry Springer show created a religion, this is what it would turn out to be.

Muhammad’s behavior tells us who his god was.

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Dave Wood , You are opening the eyes of millions of abdools. Let many millions break the chains of bondages of this Satanic Cult , anyways this pedophile mohammad was thighing on her for four years " MUFAKHADAT " so it is obvious he was a child molester.

Besides, “aql” doesn’t even mean “remembrance”. It’s an adjective which refers to a state of intelligence.

Why do you think the other Hadith translate it as “the age of reason” ? Because it doesn’t mean “when I remember” it refers to her age/state of being, and “age of reason (aql)” in Arabic is “puberty” .

DW in his other videos when he brings up.hadith to make an argument against Islam he uses hadith which the arabic doesn’t say what he says it says. Also he doesnt look at other hadith.

See Farids response video to DW " the top 5 most dis** facts…"

Use a few examples from that if you want.

DW worries more about aisha than a dead god he worships

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