Are There Numerical Miracles in the Quran? Shabir Ally vs. David Wood

When Muhammad was challenged as to why he couldn’t perform miracles, he responded by claiming that the Quran itself is a miracle. This claim has led Muslims to try to find something miraculous about the Quran. Muslims such as Shabir Ally now insist that the Quran is filled with mysterious numerical patterns (e.g. patterns of the number 7). Is this good evidence, or can such patterns be found in any book? In this short video, Shabir Ally and David Wood discuss the evidence. Clips are taken from “Does Muhammad Give Us the Truth about Jesus?” (Shabir Ally vs. David Wood).

Satan can do math too

Lol he just did this to mock the claim he just proved shabir’s claim with a on Google search… For real this is… People help me I can’t :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Shabir refuted his own argument and didn’t get the point David was making. How sad.

Wow oly mocking is that what Christianty teatching you

I mean why did david even put that in hus channel separately . Its nothing that supports what he is saying. He is just browsing it. I mean really thats how scholars do

David was just searching it and shabir new it and new such patterns

There are numerical miracles in the Bible such as the last 12 verses of Mark, but they’re profoundly more significant than the Quran by just the probability

Shabir: No no, you see David, it only works when I do it because I’m a nice Muslim man who liberals are more sympathetic towards, when you do it it’s inappropriate because your a Christian and people don’t want the Bible to be true.

Did Shabir Ally ever publicly admit he was wrong about the number 19 "miracle? I mean, it’s pretty embarrassing to fall for such nonsense but not to admit such an error would be even worse.

19 is not like any number, it has no beginning and no end, no one can make another number like 19, number 19 is Allah.

Legend has it David Wood is still “Typing into Google” to get all his answers.

Numerology… hmmmm… using the methods employed by Shabir all literary works could be found to be divine! That why I cringe whenever I hear someone claiming divinity of a book using such a method!

COVID-19 is one of the biggest miracle number of the Quran😆

This is not mathematics. only idiots say this is mathematics. This is simple arithmetic and may be an arabian custom to consider 7 as perfection. If you start studying mathematics , we cannot even understand .01 percent of it. Sabir Ali please don’t use the term mathematics to explain silly games of children. Give respect to Euclid, Pythagoras, Descartes,Newton,Lebeniz,Guass etc. Dont cheat ordinary people by saying that prophet is a good mathematician.:smile::grinning::smiley:

What about the missing chapters or eaten by goat and burned by uthman? ?

Can those numbers heal the sick & dying like what Jesus Christ did for those who desperately needed help in times of crisis & poverty?

Leave aside quran
Bible contains more than 1000 contradiction


CP , PC ,PZ , DW adala komplotan setan setan ntek antek nya dajjal ,
mereka sedang mengacaukan Qur’an dan hadist utk merusak Islam .

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