At Least 50 Christians MASSACRED in Church Attack (The Nigerian Genocide Continues)

At least 50 Christians attending Pentecost Mass were murdered today in Nigeria. Gunmen attacked worshipers at St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo, in Ondo State. Many children were among the dead.

For the New York Times article quoted in this video (“Dozens Feared Dead in Church Attack in Nigeria”), click here: Dozens Feared Dead in Church Attack in Owo, Nigeria - The New York Times

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O Lold help your people

A man was burnt to death for blasphemy in the capital: Abuja on Saturday before this church shooting happened on Sunday. The news of the church shooting has drowned out the murder that was committed the previous day.

My christian brothers and sisters in Nigeria the writing has long been on the wall, IT IS TIME TO FIGHT BACK . Without christians fighting back and resisting islam Europe would be islamic.WIthout the Jewish people fighting back aggressively there would be no current Jewish state of Israel .
Islam does not understand turning the other cheek,they see you as weak, unserious about your faith and worthy of having your blood shed. The middle eastern christians were almost wiped out for not resisting at the beginning,.In Constantinople christianity was wiped out and the city taken over by muslims until today. The spanish catholics had to fight back to regain their sovereignty after 4 centuries of islamic domination.
Prayer and fasting alone has never ever cut it in the history of mankind vs islam.For some reason GOD seems to allow the slaughter/oppression of christians by muslims unless the christians fight back.
Ancient Israel had to fight for it’s inheritance ,not just praying and fasting.CAN (christian association of Nigeria) can release a million and one statements but until the christians organize and fight back Nothing will change .The complicit federal govt and islamist buhari will not help christians.The prosperity preaching pastors will not help, the native doctors will not help. Only organizing, civil disobedience,mass peaceful protests,financial sanctions by boycotting muslim businesses,seriously arming and training christians,will help.

I pray that GOD gives the pastors,priests,reverend daddys and christian leaders wisdom.

Pray for Nigerian !

@David Wood

I like your scathing joke that hits the point of false claims.

False claims are: religion of peace, perfectly preserved Quran,
Intrusive: we are all Muslims not to know that,
They mind: dirty pork (Hindus don’t mind holy cows) …

It is good that I stumbled upon your videos, questioned my faith and considered other religions, had it not been for your revelations of Hikhma and Takkiyya I would have become a Muslim.

“Evidence and arguments do not help with stubborn nonsense, but stubborn stupidity is rejected by a scathing joke”: My quote.

You are the best narrator and commentator of the Quran.

I see a reincarnation of a name, not a person.
David + Wud = Abu-DAWOOD.
Your videos are like Hadiths.

As a Christian that live in Nigeria, life is very short and brutish. I live in South West but with Fulani Jihadist moving Southward, we live in fear. Even before massacre like the one that happened in Ondo on Sunday, people travel with trepidation of being kidnapped while traveling from one state to another. Fulanis are everywhere on the highways kidnaping travelers. It is horrific. What we might see in coming days is people defending themselves. This is not good as it portends danger for the nation because it is invitation to anarchy. And the government? It is as if they don’t exist. Some of them are complicit


St. Francis Church In Nigeria massacre fifty people were being killed :sob:so sad about that violence most often ïn areas of Çhristian community :nigeria:
We’re all messed upon our situations to abandon their faith that lives in persecution :cold_sweat:
Jihadis attempts all done things in regret saying from selfish desire and run back to God; the inappropriate word religion of peace Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so much of corruption and hypocrisy of Islam seven century caravan robbery​:weary:mohamadan crook who leads to empty promises of the truth :skull:

Dr Dave you have rightly pointed out the absolute truth about what’s going on in Nigeria. I am a Nigerian from d Middlebelt. These killings is on daily basis but only few media conveys the news. E.g on Saturday 4th May, a man was again burnt to death for alleged blasphemy against Mohammed. Deborah’s case there was no justice for her, and it repeated right in Abuja Federal capital where Buhari lives. Then this one happened the next day.The amazing thing is that non of these terrorists have been prosecuted, rather Buhari will forgive them and integrate them into Nig’ Army and police. One other truth is that,Moslems are not the majority in Nig’ they used all sorts of lies n propaganda to exploit money from other Islamic world. All thru the Middlebelt of Nig’ are Christians as majority. It’s sad what’s going on. Keep praying for us and speaking the truth Beloved. Thank you

Evil cannot be stopped by prayers because there never has been any God. It’s a lie.
Unfortunately islam is so aggressive a religion, it should be fought and stopped to exist 100% anywhere, otherwise it will take over the world. It is a disease.

Prayers for our Christian’s in Nigeria

Thank you so much for this broadcast

Brother, thank you and all the brethren for always talking about these issues, I was born and raised in Northern Nigeria before my parents moved us to the South West of Nigeria for safety reasons coupled with the fact that my state of origin is from the middle of Nigeria however, the marginalization and subsequent mayhem unleashed on Christians is beyond words which is why i had to leave Nigeria in 2016 please, Nigerian Christians need all the help they can get at this time; there is so much going on that the world has not heard.

Dear David Wood, thanks for placing the situation in Nigeria on the front burner. Such publicity is needed to stir the global conscience, if men still have one.
To quote you, you “want to know what life for Christians is like in Nigeria.” It’s a good step you’ve taken, except that it may be easier if we were asked to tell what life for Christians in Nigeria is not like. In that case, the response would be that it’s not like what is ideal.
Below is a 13-year quote by a former Anglican bishop of Gasau, Zamfara State, in northern Nigeria: “Christians live in perpetual fear of death in the North (of Nigeria).” Does this need translation or interpretation? If you understand what Christians in Pakistan and Egypt go through, then you need not visit northern Nigeria to understand what men can do in the name of religion.
Imagine the following about the Muslim-populated north of Nigeria if you can:

  1. Young Christian girls are kidnapped and married off to Muslim males at will. The police do absolutely nothing and her parents are threatened with violence if they dare attempt to recover her.
  2. CRK (Christian Religious Knowledge) teachers are never replaced (through employment) upon their retirement, death, resignation or dismissal, to ensure Christian teachings are not propagated. (Their employment or posting to such public schools in the first place might be through the help of a Christian officer at the Ministry of Education.)
  3. Always avoid a quarrel or disagreement with your Muslim neighbour because you can be killed instantly by a mop on a trumped-up allegation that you blasphemed their Islamic prophet. Deborah’s recent lynching is an example.
  4. Nearly every Muslim commercial motorcycle rider has a dagger tucked away in his trousers to slaughter anyone with whom they have the slightest misunderstanding.
  5. It’s rare to see a Muslim charged to court or sent to jail on account of an offence committed in the defence of his faith or the like. With the influence and intervention of their religious and political leaders, the police will release them. Sometimes, due to public outcry, some individuals are paid and paraded to the public that they have confessed to the crime, after which they are freed!
  6. Hardly will you see a church in northern Nigeria that has a government-issued certificate of occupancy. Why? Christianity must be leashed at all cost in the Muslim North.
  7. The Nigerian state is highly complicit in all this. There’s a federal government policy that ensures that, though somewhat aimed at fair representation by everyone in a multiethnic nation, is however skewed in favour of the Muslim population by ensuring you don’t occupy a certain position or achieve a certain dream by reason of where you are from in Nigeria (usually the Christian south) despite the fact that you are more competent and/or qualified than your Muslim compatriot who has scored 10/100, compared with your 100/100. The only sector of national life that is spared is sports. Of course, we as a nation can’t afford to embarrass ourselves before a global audience by resorting to this policy to pick players from both North and South. In sports, the best MUST be fielded. This is why almost 90% of Nigerian sportsmen and women are Christians from the South. You can check this out online by looking out for their names.
  8. Almost every state government office in northern Nigeria and every federal government office has a mosque built with public funds. Hardly will you see a church in any.
  9. Most imams in the northern part of the country are on monthly allowances from the state government for their religious duty, yet not even one pastor ever enjoys such benefits.
  10. In public offices in northern Nigeria, you can’t afford to show that you are a Christian; you must either be a Muslim or bear a Muslim name, the oil sector especially, yet Nigeria’s crude oil is all from the south populated by Christians.
    David, don’t take what I’ve written here hook, line, and sinker. Look out for Nigerians and ask questions. What Nigerian Christians tolerate from Islam and its Muslim adherents is better imagined than explained. Let me stop here and face my daily tasks.

DW in india the right wing spokeperson spoke the truth about mohmed as it says in hadits all muslum country united and made the govermnt take action against the culprit, but christens country licking balls of shaikhs

As a propagandist you don’t care about searching for the truth, do you ? To begin, ask yourself why is it happening only in Nigeria ? The whole african continent is half muslim half christian. So, why Nigeria especially ? Oil my friend. Oil !..the greedy West, as usuel, is pulling the strings of war and death.
Read about the Biafra war. You will understand if you want to.
But I doubt it.

Why blame “jihadis”, when the blame falls on All mohammedans?

David thank you for not deleting your channel on YouTube. The president of Nigeria is complicit in the attacks against Christians. His appointment to head all military operations and strategic security institutions are all muslims from northern Nigeria. There was an outcry of nepotism but Buhari did not change any of them. When one of these muslim fulani appointees flops they are replaced with another one. We are crying to God almighty because our help does not come from the USA or UK or UN but our help in Nigeria comes the The God of our Lord Jesus Christ.