Atheism, Islam, and the Dawkins Dilemma (David Wood)

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According to Oxford biologist Richard Dawkins, “We are machines for propagating DNA, and the propagation of DNA is a self-sustaining process. It is every living object’s sole reason for living.” However, since atheist fertility rates are among the world’s lowest, while Muslim fertility rates are the world’s highest, it seems that atheism keeps humans from fulfilling their purpose, while Islam helps humans fulfill their purpose. This leads to the odd conclusion that if making copies of DNA is our fundamental purpose, Richard Dawkins should convert to Islam!

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He also talks about about anti Darwinian…

Ask someone 1000years, 5000 years, or 10000 years ago what is the purpose of life. Thats your answer.

Oh, we see an evolutionist’s dilemma too in Dawkins’ statement about the living kingdom having a ‘copy me’ programme written in DNA language! That agrees with the biblical principle of, ‘everything after its own kind’.

Having heard Dawkins repeatedly, I concluded that despite his fancy words delivered with confidence, his ideas and logic are silly and fallacious. Clearly a mixture of ignorance and arrogance.

Quality & Quantity are inversely proportional by nature in Nature.

Qualitatively Good/Better are quantitatively weaker, few : the relatively small number of Agnostics (the most honest, tolerant, open-minded, empathic, assimilative amongst Human Beings) confirms it.

Qualitatively Poor/Worse are quantitatively stronger, more : Mohammadans (the worst lot produced by Humankind) proves it.

I think you should understand the difference between a philosophical sense of meaning and a biological sense of meaning. Since, people don’t understand this they say Richard Dawkins contradicts himself.

Interestingly, theistic logic is not as sharp and precise when it comes to dealing with atheists compared to when they ramble about the validity of their theologies of whether a deceased individual was resurrected or not.

I think you are in some way strawmanning Dawkins’ position. And Dawkins probably did a bad job of getting his idea across.

It is our evolutionary purpose to propagate our genes, it is not our moral purpose to do so. The non-fulfilment of our evolutionary purpose shall not bring about any tangible change in our daily lives, any punishment or chastisement whatsoever, instead it should lead to a better standard of living.

It is not neccessary to fulfill our evolutionary purpose. There is no higher purpose to life, as ‘higher purpose’ is a human mental construct superficially made an essential metaphysical neccesity for life to exist. Yes, the sole reason or cause for our existence is the drive to propagate our genes. Our not reproducing will defeat that evolutionary purpose. So what?

On one horn…HAHAHA!!!

I would love to see David Wood debate Dawkins properly

This is such a shameful strawman

Dawkins isn’t advocating for more childbirth, he’s explaining our “evolutionary purpose,” which is largely irrelevant to one’s personal purpose. There isn’t a dilemma at all

And homosexuality…

Oo, my awful ideology is right because we are spreading, said il…es (christian, islamist)

You can maybe see that humans are parasites, that destroyed ecosystem, atheists seems to see this issue.

According to you, cherry picking, to make your ideology shine.

Biologically, Downkins is right. And in all means, you are just $|co manipulator to spread in…es ( christianity.)

What a roundabout way to find out that atheism is a funnel for incels to flow into and ultimately turn back into mud.

I think you also missed the fact that your Christian Bible says be fruitful and multiply is not what God says Richard Dawkins right I still don’t understand what God’s purpose for us is in the Earth and when I really read the Bible like Leviticus and all that it makes no sense to me at all why God loves the aroma of burning Bulls intestines and s*** like that ridiculous

Not one language ever created itself but we are to believe by some, that the most complex language came to be by chance? Right.

no, just no.

I am a staunch devotee of Richard Dawkins. In the opinion of Mr Dawkins every organism is genetically programmed to reproduce, or create identical organisms. And as long as organisms are doing that, in overwhelming percentage, he is correct. A tiny fraction of atheists not reproducing much, does not prove he is wrong. Regarding the population of atheists, you are absolutely right, their number will decrease with time and the last standing men will surely belong to some sort of religion. Religion gives people hope and helps them looking beyond death. Most atheists lacking this hope opt out of having children. They do not want to subject their children to this bleak prospect. As for higher purpose for atheists, don’t worry yourself about that. Let every individual atheists decide it for themselves.