Azeri Aggression against Christian Armenians (LIVE with Artur Asaduriyan, 8:00pm ET)

Ethnic Christian Armenians in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) are being attacked by Azerbaijan empowered and supported by Turkey and hired jihadists from Syria. David Wood and Artur Asaduriyan discuss the conflict.

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More Artur collabs please! He is full of knowledge and his channel is about to grow substantially

Artsakh is INSIDE Azerbaijan. Don’t you think you are disingenuous, my dude, when you don’t mention it? Besides the right of people’s to self-determination, there is a thing in int law called territorial continuity which any “self-determination” of Artsakh would compromise.

we always win wars because we are Turk Warriors.go to bed and cry

Armenien ist getauft in Christus Religion.
Christentum ist nicht in Armenien geboren. :albania::eagle::albania:

And then Erdogan declared Jihad against Israel referencing the war against Armenia.

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NO ERMENİA. İ’m Turk, İ support Azeri people, they must take their own land, don’t listen people who always using history to take people land. And ermenian must out of Turkish land, we Turk never want ermenia until they agree and respect our decision, untill the end of the world, if they don’t agree with us and keep making fight to us, we will keep taking what we want. Ne Mutlu Türküm Diyene :metal:t3::metal:t3::metal:t3::metal:t3::metal:t3::metal:t3::wolf::wolf::wolf::wolf::wolf::wolf::azerbaijan::tr::azerbaijan::tr::azerbaijan::tr::azerbaijan::tr::azerbaijan::tr:

Bible is the best toilet paper in the world


David, I think it is time that you also talk about christians of the middle east yourself…why they are so few should be a reminder to (post) christian nations.

Love your channel David keep up the great work u doing GOD bless u.

İt was not religious war, as it was introdused in the video, but political. Many azerbaijani christians İ know are fighting against armenian agressors. How can İ call armenians brothers in faith? Most of them are false believers. Muslims are defending their own land and do more honorably than these. The fact they lived in this territory does not give them right to posses it. Let then give america to its native citizens.


Great video David, but I think this video paints Azerbaijan as fundamentalist, which it is not. Azerbaijan has excellent relations with Israel and the Muslims, Christians, and Jews live in harmony in Azerbaijan. There is almost no religious violence in Azerbaijan. This war is more about Pan-Turkism than religion.

U should divide the video by timing

where are the Kardashian, aren’t they should take a more solid stand about Armenia ?! Just wondering

How can we help Armenians ?

@ 30 mins Seems like the Azeris/Turks have taken a page from the Zionist state in trying to wipe out Arab Muslim/Christian influence in the Holy land since 1948.

laughing at this as an hardcore open atheist from my secular country Azerbaijan which has 2 christian martyrs in this ongoing Karabagh war