Backlash Over Quran Interview Forces Yasir Qadhi to Leave Social Media

Following the backlash over his “Holes in the Narrative” interview with Mohammed Hijab, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi has announced that he will be leaving social media. We can now understand why Dr. Qadhi insisted that scholarly difficulties with the preservation of the Quran “should never be discussed in public.”

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Did you really challenge dr zakir naik I feel sorry for you editing and cutting videos

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These days I terrorise people sharing these “Holes in the Narrative” videos while shouting :
“David hu Akbar ! David hu Akbar ! “

Shake Yasir Qadhi ! Shake !

Well the West give him asylum in case its gone wild? Because its a very sensitive issue for all Muslim specially scholars and suddenly he blast out the well perfectly preserved lies. His life will be in danger if its gone wild.
Pray for Yazir Qudhi

Islam is base only on lies, I feel funny how people are following knowing that Islam is a big lies…

Islam is the best religion

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I feel like they’re the “she’s” of the religious world

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Islam is a name of cancer

Please protect the world

So to make up for the fact that they have no answer to genuine objections that are made, they have to threaten people’s lives.

World welcome to Islam.

Islam is nothing more than a sex cult that has gone viral.

Until now India had no idea about this, now the hindus know … yippee

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what a bone head.

What a loser and a liar! Left the platform because of the fear of social media. But he left humanity a long ago.

I am almost sorry. Almost.

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