Bangladesh: Muslim Mob Burns Down Hindu Homes over Facebook Comment

After a Bangladeshi man in France praised President Emmanuel Macron on Facebook for taking a stand against “inhumane ideologies,” a Hindu kindergarten headmaster agreed with the post in a comment on Facebook. In response to his Facebook comment, a Muslim mob formed and began burning down Hindu homes and attacking and looting Hindu temples. David Wood discusses the issue.

For the Tribune article quoted in this video (“Hindu homes attacked in Bangladesh over rumors about alleged Facebook post slandering Islam”), click here: Hindu homes attacked in Bangladesh over rumours about alleged Facebook post slandering Islam : The Tribune India

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Why do they get upset when their false religion is criticized?

Islam is such a loving religion. Not!

Why Allah is so egotistic ?

Hindus are not safe even in a Hindu majority country.


Ami Bangladeshe thaki,ghotonati sotto.
I’m a proud Atheist.

Those who did this loss to them r muslims by names but not in heart. Periodt.They don’t belong to us.

Not all Muslims r same. Please don’t blame the whole community. U see half of the Muslim community stays silent; doesn’t care who is getting bullied, either hindus or Muslims…cuz they knows everything happens for a reason. Everyone is the one to blame.

They even attacked me bcuz I said that making dua for ur non-muslim friend is ok. They keep sayin me that they will be going in hell either way then wut’s the point praying for their death? Excuse me, u r not the one to judge who is going to hell or not! Duh.

Just wanna slap those dumb believers. Even Allah said not to become a Muslim without doing a good research on it; wheather It’s true or not. Decision is urs.

I’m a muslim cuz It made me a better person; nothing else. “ISLAM” means “Believe”. it will work on u only if u believe it. It’s magic won’t work on u if u don’t believe it & work according to it :slight_smile:

All non muslim must united against Islam​:v::v:

Proud to be a Pakistani ex Muslim.

Felt pain for Hindus in Bangladesh.


This is what the west will be like if things continue as they are.

Peaceful religion? They burnt the houses in peace​:smile::smile::smile: Stay away from Islam!

I can assure you muslims in my country Bangladesh criticize hindus 1000000 tines more than what they get…
Sheer hypocrisy

is that religion of evil??

And then they scream Islamophobia🤬shameless people

Brah… I don’t hate Muslim people but I do hate Islam

God bless you DW.