Bart Ehrman Reacts to Muslim Scholar's INSANE LIE about Catholic Church!

Dr. Bart Ehrman just can’t stop laughing at Sheikh Yusuf Estes’s bizarre claim that the Catholic church was founded in Rome by Alexander the Great 300 years before Christ!

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Jesus was never a katholiek nor a muslim. but, there is some truth in what the sheikh is saying about katholicism starting way back. One have only to take the trouble of doing some research in to the past. It even influenced mohammed through
mohammad’s first wife khadija.
Walter Veith, explains it very clear in his video’s : lslam & Roman Catholic connection.

jesus was never a katholiek nor a muslim. but, there is some truth in what the sheikh is saying about katholicisme starting way back. lt even influenced mohammed though his first wife.

Alla hu gubeer gubeer gubeer :joy:

That poor woman nodding in agreement

Ummm…one can say that Jesus wasn’t Catholic, but to say the Catholic Church existed 300 before Christ is pure idiocy. The founder of the Catholic Church traditionally is St Peter…said to be the 1st Pope.

…the funny thing is I’m a Protestant and I know this.

Here’s an idea my Catholic brethren, let’s stop fighting amongst ourselves (Catholics vs Protestants) and fight against the true enemy; Islam.

Deus Le Volt!

Edit: I was so hung up on the idiocy of everything else that I missed his idiotic claim that Alexander, a Greek from Macedonia, founded the Catholic Church in Rome. :joy:

Yusufe ti si budala

so ironic peaceful people in peace TV…

Is’nt it zakir naik is alexander the great in the quran,the man with two horn?

I for one was shocked to learn that the universal church of the Roman Empire was founded by a non-Roman 200 years before the Roman Empire existed.

A response that would have lit a fuse would be “Jesus was no more a Catholic than he was a Muslim”.

Catholicism founded by Semiramis in Babylon,Irak litle over 4300 years ago ! Semiramis was married to Nimrod, who was a pedofile, Nimrod is also called Allah, and many other names ! Semiramis is and still is the whore of Babylon ! Semiramis, or the swastika, SS, witch stands for SemiramiS. Catholicism is a satanic gossip religion. Read Babylon religion, written by David W Daniels !

The guy in the pill hat wants his asker to believe the Catholic church was operating in Rome in 270 BC? Or even 300BC?
He wants her to believe Alexander was the founder? When we know Constantine was the one who had the dream and embraced Christianity.
But anyone who reads the bible knows that Peter and James are the early leaders. First , James had the funny pope hat. “James the just” and represented the early church to the people in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. Peter is claimed by Catholics as the first papal leader because of Jesus’ words, You are the rock and upon this rock I will build my church.
So how can this guy say his statements are not open to debate, and that the church was formed 300 years before? And in Rome?
He sends her to the Catholic church’s website, doesn’t give the web address, then names two encyclopedias.
Is the woman supposed to accept this and not look it up?
Does his group there also accept this?
The guy there in the pill hat forgets that the death of James at the pinnacle pleased the Jews of the Sanhedrin and Herod then arrested Peter. It is the “Easter” reference about that time for Herod in the KJV 1611.
The crowd chanted about “Chrestians” according to non believer historians.
They knew they had killed the Christ. They referred to his followers accordingly.
Nero used them as scapegoats for his having burned a project part of the city and blamed it on them because the fire got out of hand.
The pill hat guy is beyond confusion. He exceeds ignorance if that’s possible.
Or he just might be a liar? Could that be the case?
Next question,
Is the pope catholic?
Jesus was a Jew and a Nazarene. The Son of Man, and now is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Yeah. Alexander the Great, Roman? Wtf

Keep editing your Bible and then say Dr zakir naik is ignorant


Yusof Estes only quote the story of Alexander Great from a research by a historian, journalist n writer, Natalia Klimczak that links Catholic to Alexander n the pagan religion. not his own thought. Bart Ehrman n David Wood just have to refute the finding with their own research if they are men of integrity not laugh off other’s research.

What ajoke for muslims all nobles men are muslim,hahaha

That was a gem from a white man who converted to Islam. With this kind of knowledge it’s no wonder that he did. Of course Jesus was none of the denominations of the Christian churches. Indeed, Christianity began as a sect of Judaism. The Christian tag was given to this break away group by others and the tag stuck. But the different Christian groups aren’t important here. What’s important is Jesus and his teachings.

I find it funny the one dude was taking notes :skull::skull: