Before You Convert to Islam, WATCH THIS!

If you’re thinking about converting to Islam, you might want to gather a little information first, because the standard narrative has holes in it. In this video, David Wood shows that the most common arguments for the authority of Muhammad and the Quran fall apart upon closer inspection. (The video also features clips from Ali Dawah, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, and Dr. Shabir Ally!)

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The Apostate Prophet, Islam Critiqued, and I all made videos on the same topic, but we answered in completely different ways. Here’s the playlist for our videos: Watch This Before You Convert to Islam - YouTube

If Jesus died for our sins then why was Satan created because he wants you to follow his steps and be sinful! Islam is the truth!

It’s not very far his heart with fill with truth

This brother one day will covert to islam ,
For sure !! His heart will change . He is so much against it - Allah will convert his heart .
One day inshallah

The Earth is flat that’s what the Bible says not the Quran and the Bible is 100% correct the word of God

Christian’s change the context of bible verses all the time. Why can’t Muslims? :joy:

Jesus is the way the truth and the light, and no man cometh to the father except by Him. I also suggest you read 1 John all 5 chapters , they give some powerful insights as to who Jesus is and what salvation means. But most importantly remember not one of the 12 disciples got rich and lived happily ever after or had a life of ease. Even Jesus suffered a short and violent death. Now reflect upon how well the apostate prophet Mohamed had it. 9 wives, riches and prosperity. Doesn’t sound like any prophet of old for sure. He embraced everything God condemned and had the audacity to say allah or God said it’s ok

hi guys no more illusion ,look in the world the only area of religions you got mind of peace is in islam

“Allah will throw their mockery back at them, leaving them to continue wandering blindly in their defiance”
Chapter 2 verse 15 of the Holy Quran

The cult founder of islam was a slave owner, a slave trader, and he used them in his bed. What kind of moral example is that to follow? Yet cult members are told that he is the perfect example of moral behaviour, for all time. This example alone should be enough for thinking people to realise it is a disgusting cult.

This Only Affirms my Faith in Islam

Submission is soo hard on the ego. When you know everything in your life comes from God, you accept God s will and submit and then the miracle happen. You get what you want

There’s also the watching of this video to use as supporting evidence to deter would-be converters from making a monumental mistake. These people should be asking themselves the obvious question: Why are countless muslims willingly choosing to make non-islamic Western democratic countries their permanent place of residence. This despite their muslim countries haven’t been targetted in recent decades by any Western military.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH never robbed any caravans and he was no war lord but education costs and ignorance is free. Evidently you were short on money when you were reading about him. He was the most successful man in the entire human history because his impact still lasts and will last for the rest of the time. He brought justice and light to the human darkness by bringing the light of Islam. What is Christianity without Christ? Hence, Islam’s last prophet is Muhammad PBUH. You did loose all the arguments to Sheikh Uthman didn’t you? Yes, you did. Easy to say all this sitting by yourself in room when you can see how many people are accepting the truth so why not just spew venom, huh?. May Allah guide you and all of the humanity. Aameen.

Executing those who left Islam is the reason why most of them are still in Islam since they are scared to be executed… Thank God for those who are still taking the bold step to step out of this demonic religion…

Problems with this video:
1st mistake: Oxford defines Warlord as “Unofficial”…But Muhammad made Islam official.

2nd mistake: Wood calls Muhammad a robber with no evidence. For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

3rd mistake: Wood uses a reference to justify apostasy with no further explanation, effectively stating that apostasy is met with death in EVERY case no questions asked. For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

4th mistake: wood says that once you leave Islam you will be put under death threat. I wonder what every Muslim scholar on planet earth will say about that if the person was forced to leave Islam at gun point? For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

5th mistake: wood asks the question “why convert to islam”…the biggest reason is to avoid going to Hell and enter heaven but sure, whatever he says should be accepted because…logic? For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

6th mistake: wood thinks that the sun literally sets in warm water. He uses Alexander as a reference as well. Problem here is, if a verse says “the sun was smiling that day” then the same logic dictates that the sun has a face just like humans

7th mistake: wood claims that Quran says semen is formed between backbone and ribs…the cells that first form the testicles which creates semen forms between the back bone and ribs. In other words, semen originates in a structure that orginates in the backbone and rib space…this is medically accurate

8th mistake: Quran says 88:20 “Earth is flat”…no it doesn’t. It says the Earth was levelled out according to sahih translation. The previous verse states that mountains were propped up. So it seems clear people knew the Earth wasn’t actually flat because mountains are a thing…clearly not a contextual understanding

9th mistake: Wood says Quran 65:12 says there are 7 earths. Can you prove this false?
Moreover, can you tell me if thats the case with our reality as we know it instead of the unseen reality?

10th mistake: 36:38-40 “Sun orbits the earth”. That’s just a lie. Verse does not say that.

11th mistake: Quran 22:5 “Human embryos are blood clots”…yea that’s true. And we’re all clumps of flesh and bone now with lots of arteries, veins, nerves, cutaenous fat, muscle, and vasculature…what’s your point?

12th mistake: Sky will fall if God doesn’t hold it up? You know who God is right?

13th mistake: Quran 37:6-10 Stars are missiles to shoot demons? The verse literally says thery’re also for decoration…but of course, leave out half the verse why dont you…

14th mistake: wood says you had to reinterpret these verses…i didn’t do that for any of them. For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

15th mistake: makes claims the Quran is not preserved with no references. For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

16th mistake: quotes a hadith that says a sheep ate part of the words. If this is true, what exactly does it change? Perhaps it was not meant to be in the Quran? You see, Muhammad was not God, he was a man who was vulnerable to Satan, but that’s not an issue upon his death when the revelations stopped. For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

17th mistake: “Aisha had the only copy” ummm care to back that up? While you’re at it, care to consider what the other people who memorized the Quran and had no problem with this situation thought? For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

18th mistake: “Uthman burned all the Qurans to cover up all the differences” I’m sorry do you know the definition of preservation, methodology or dialectal awareness? Please tell me how many chapters are in the Quran. Now tell me how many books the Bible has? Seems pretty Goddamn clear one is preserved and the other is not. For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

19th mistake: “Different versions of the Quran today” That’s like saying there’s all muslims believe the exact same thing…shite, sufi, qadaiyani defintiley do not, and they may make their own versions of the Quran. Do they constitute a majority of the Quran holders? Nope. Sunni does. Nice try. For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

20th mistake: Relies on muslim references and shows 2 Muslim preachers to make his point the quran is not preserved EVEN tho that was not the conclusion or direct words used.

21st mistake: Muhmmad has sex with a prepubescent girl? How old was the girl David? Are you sure she did not bleed? Why do you have a problem with this, and the fact the state of delware had age of consent set to 7 in the past? Even if it was the case, how does this disprove Islam? Why are you consistently inconsistent in your logic? For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

22nd mistake: Sex with slaves, beat slaves, prostitutes…So it’s okay for Muslims to get prostitutes? Does that make Islam false? Prostitution is legal in 2022 in Nevada…so what’s your point? That America is immoral? You’re American, does that make you Immoral? The major American belief is Christian, does that make Christianity immoral? Or False? For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

23rd mistake: Islam is growing rapidly according to Pew Research due to high birth and conversion rates. How does it make Islam true? Well the prophet said Islam would spread in a paradoxical prophecy while also metioning muslims would be weak like foam…it’s all true For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

24th mistake: Woman having jobs is frowned upon? So no woman doctors for women? No woman jobs for women specific issues? If men need to lower the gaze, how do male doctors examine famale patients? Why was everyone okay for khadija to have a job? Why was everyone okay for Aisha to be a military leader? For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

25th mistake: Comparing a US woman to a Yemen woman. US woman has maybe 1-2 children. Both will statically get kicked out the home at 18 years old, fall into massive debt with college, or not even go to college, end up with a lame 50k job to work for the rest of their life, fall into a depression multiple times because of no family or a plethora of other “world agaisnt me reasons” and then die. I wonder how the Yemen woman’s life will turn out? For better or worse tho, how does it disprove Islam?

26th mistake: At 12:00 wood asks if any of these reasons make islam true. Not a single of these reasons disprove Islam tho. Perhaps looking at the actual proof like comparing Quranic preservation or future prhophecies can do it? :slight_smile:

So why should we accept Islam? Because the evidence proves it’s correct :slight_smile:

Oh that’s cute, you made another video on the exact same stuff in this video but amswered it differently? I wonder why! :slight_smile:

Let suppose the opposite : if you leave Islam and nothing can happen to you, what about God in judgment day ? What do you say to God ? If you leave Islam it mean you are become disbeliever ,even an islamic law can allow you to leave you can’t escape to God in judgment day ,this is a law of God ,God will punish them who denied ,you can’t escape from God .
Is God bad because HE will punish the people in judgment day ? Is Be bad for doing this ? Why God don’t forgive all people ? Do you ask for that ? … Is the God bad ?

I know what you try to say.
But you can leave some rules of Islam,but not Islam faith ( not the doctrine of Islam ). You can leave some rules like salah ( daily prayer) but not the doctrine ( faith islam)
You didn’t understand that : Islam is best way to demonstrate that you’re grateful to God ,that’s all. Rules are for they who have devotion ,not for you and for me
You can leave some rules of Islam but not all Islam ( not doctrine of Islam) ,rules of Islam are hard ,I know ,but don’t allow that to expel you from religion

What you said is assuming in the steam ( is a phrase,idiom, made by me,) can we talk all what you said one by one ,you can ask me one by one ,

You have many unclear things in your head