Behind the Scenes with Al Fadi

Recording a series of videos with Saudi ex-Muslim Al Fadi. Here we are behind the scenes in Chattanooga. Visit Al Fadi’s YouTube channel here:

I don’t know if ( saying MUSLIMS FRIENDS ) is something ironic or hypocrisy from you guys?

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:heart::heart::heart:Video and audio quality and ambiance created is stunning positive :heart::heart::heart:

Wow! You guys hired a studio for a video series!?!

A precious glimpse
behind the scene

0:07 is that a revolver i see??

God bless You both

Guy at desk "Daniel move. "
Daniel “Yes Tyler”

First and Foremost as an Egyptian Arab Muslim, I instantly recognized that Al Fady pronounces Arabic words such as Islam incorrectly. Secondly, his name implies that he is an Egyptian Copt.

What’s that scary art

I am a Ex christian i hate the bible and its lies and its followers they are nothing but pedophiles.

Thanks be to the Good Lord for both of you and the brave stand you are taking to try and reach as many Muslims as you can. We are ALL God’s children and as such we must have a heart for all lost souls.

there is no bigger celebrity thn david right now! !!

wen they mention the mohammad guy in english they say peace b upon him,but in arabic is salla allah 3alayhi wa sallam wich is totaly different thing,y is that?

If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Al Fadi’s studio and lighting is amazing.

you are handsome, David

That explains the great lighting in the new video. Two thumbs up!

wowow… there a lot of things need to prepare