Ben carson and president obama call slaves "immigrants"! 😮 (guess which one is in trouble)

Recently, Hollywood and the media went ballistic in response to Ben Carson calling slaves “immigrants.” However, President Barack Obama also called slaves “immigrants,” and Hollywood and the media were completely silent. Could reporters and actors actually be biased?

Obama was WRONG. That’s a fact. The left must admit it. But it’s not fair to shift all the blame to Obama. Its like saying i killed a man but so did jack the ripper so i shouldn’t be blamed. Both men are wrong.

0:51 an ugly minnie mouse

thank you!

lol. I love it.

anyone who comes to U.S. is welcomed, after we know who the fuck they’re! otherwise you should be the one who trains and pays for your law enforcement licences, and you be the one in danger protecting Americans, including those non appreciative democrat’s. You endanger us but you won’t protect us. SOFUCKYOU! Says a Democrat!

slaves were kidnapped by muslims! sold to everyone! they were sold to white man who protected their slaves as well as abused them. not all of course! the hitlery types, real racism!

Fun times… Fun times.

Once again! The Emperor Has No Cloths PEOPLE!

Muhhamad Ali, having visited Africa was very pleased that his ancestor had been taken to America. Weird eh!

Im actually shocked because this is the first video where you dont talk about islam? Wow I mean congratulations thats a record breaking. LMAO

An immigrant is one who moves from one country to another whether it is voluntary or forced. Slavery would be the only way one would be a forced immigrant and slavery in the form that it took centuries ago is non existent. Slavery does exist today but it is in the form of heavy taxation and high interest rates. Westerners are so used to immigration being in a form today where it is voluntary that benefits the immigrant. Westerners have been so generous with immigrants, it is no wonder why they want to come for “free” stuff but the person that has to pay for this “free” stuff for immigrants become the slave to the immigrant through the state.

Ben Carson: when he says something, moking him is a mistake, case closed.

I like videos like these they just speak volumes. Thumbs up.

Screw the left and right …

WOW! Dr. Carson is a black man who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, probably descendants of slaves, and President Obama is the bi racial son of a white woman and a Kenyan, who never knew western slavery. WOW! The world is broken.

you need a history book. Black Africans sold their enemy tribesmen and women into slavery. The first slave owner in America was black. More Blacks in this country then whites owned slaves. How you blacks in America just conveniently over look that. I learned this from a black Professor from Harvard.

Evidence of double standards.

the waldensians (or similar) came willingly

Nooo, but Obama said two key thinigs: they had not come here voluntarily… and they were in “their own way” immigrants… There is a huge difference between these two speeches.