Benjamin Watson Preaches the Gospel at the Super Bowl Breakfast!

Benjamin Watson has been an NFL tight end for the New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, and Baltimore Ravens. He’s the the message he shared after receiving the Bart Starr Award at the 2018 Super Bowl Breakfast (

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To God be the Glory ! Amen

Jesus is coming

This was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

He did such an amazing job of articulating the gospel

@BenjaminRobinson I stopped watching the NFL in preseason of 2016. The last real hero from the NFL for me was Pat Tillman. He walked away from $millions to wear The Uniform. Tragically killed for a war of Globalists Greed. Yet today 1-23-19 you stood up for millions of unborn lives and rebuked Gov Cuomo. The days we live is Wrong = Right. Just facts. There have been over 63million Abortions since Roe Vs Wade. 63million. This is the Shame of America. Thank you and the other NFL players for standing up for the most innocent. May God Bless You and reach many for Him and may God Bless America Again

Woooow amen praise God and bless this man for his boldness ! Thank you Jesus keep him and lead him lord always in Jesus name. May Many come to Jesus

Wow! What an awesome analogy! Praise God!

Well done, sir.

I attended this ceremony. Many do not know how centered in Christ many of these NFL players really are. Ben gave an awesome​ speech and it was an awesome event. Thank you for posting.

Beautiful morning preach by Benjamin Watson.

This is Beautiful! All glory to God the Father and His Son, God Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit! Amen.

God bless you Ben, and thank you. I- a sinner save by grace-------I love you Jesus my saver and Lord.

Almost teared up, powerful words.

God bless these dedicated and faithful men for standing up for the truth!
Hallelujah! Glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

beautiful prayer. Child of God

Yes! Benjamin Watson…

Beautiful prayer! This has got to be the soundest gospel presentation I’ve ever heard from a celebrity. Amen!!