Bill Maher Slams Self-Loathing Americans with Life Lessons from Afghanistan

In a recent episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO, comedian and political commentator Bill Maher drew some important life lessons from Afghanistan and the Taliban.

For the full clip of Maher (“New Rule: The Lesson of Afghanistan | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)”), click here: New Rule: The Lesson of Afghanistan | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - YouTube

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Every single issue the left brings up is completely fake

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One of the few times I can agree with bill

I hope babies are live and well not raped by satanists in merica.

I can’t be proud of my country when it’s had such a masonic history. Patriotism is idolatry

Well, to be honest, we have our own form of religious extremists who want to be in power so they can dictate to everyone else. So, let’s see how that works out before we get on our high horse to condemn other places for their religious extremists.

Well I’m been taught to respect people even with different religion and still doing well. And well I’m put all my trust to my beautiful islam. Idc and may the greatest Allah s.w.t bless all of you :heart:


Funny how Maher says this after contributing to the America bad narrative for the last 20 years. He’s only changing to he panders to…a little.

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He makes some very good points, however, did Bill take any Afghans in??

very good video

Muslims trying to escape Islam!

I know this is serious, but I gotta ask.

Did Donald Trump really sue him over a single joke!?

It’s not really gratitude we need here. It’s perspective. That is what is lacking and that is what Maher was trying to get across.

What are you defending here, Christianity or western secularism?

Kind of on the same point. There’s an article that often comes to mind when I feel my gratitude wavering about villagers in Africa (I think the Congo), who have essentially been fighting a war against chimps. It’s illegal to kill chimps in the country, but chimps have been using the trees to get into their huts and have been stealing and eating their toddlers for some time now, and so they have been hunting and killing the chimps. There was a particular story about a mother who was walking with her young son, and a chimp ripped the boy from her arms, tore his arm off, and ripped the boys abdominal area open and pulled out his kidneys. This all happened right in front of the mother. As an American, I was so shocked to rread about what those villagers have to deal with, as I’m writing this in bed, in a temperature controlled room, with a full belly of food. The thought of living under those conditions, makes me so grateful that God gave me the absolute privilege to be born in the US.

Hey there… I stumbled on to your videos and I thoroughly enjoy them. The good Lord protect and keep you and yours safe! A good question: the references you quote from the koran are so different from what I have (translation by A. J. Arberry [Simon & Schuster]). May I ask what version you have and is it an accurate translation? If so, I’d like to know where I can get a copy. Thank you!