Bill Maher SLAMS Twitter, DEFENDS the Babylon Bee and Elon Musk

In the latest episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Maher slams Twitter for failing miserably after setting itself up as the judge of speech and facts. Maher goes on to defend Elon Musk as the “new sheriff” and the Babylon Bee as perfectly valid satire.

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In the beginning, If we could have unplugged as a society we would have stood a chance. The internet though has helped to insure the fall of mankind. It has corrupted the young and old alike. It offers the same fruit as the snake in the garden and it’s always there. Knowledge of evil is accessed far more often than knowledge for good. Porn hub had Tv advert spaces it has all become far too accepting. Sorry bro I’m done, awesome video as always

Sooo… We’re undergoing a technocratic takeover, elon the technocrat takes over a major mainstream media platform, gates takes over the medical industry… I believe we should not be feeding off the propaganda of the secular world, we’re supposed to be looking past the show

I dint care fr FB n Trwittr never will

Only if we’re truly responsible freedom is a wonderful thing.-Sadhguru

Bill Maher has a script as does Elon Musk. It is an obvious plan to get the world’s attention onto the next distraction. Do you notice the distractions are never the most important issues?

I wish you well. The nastys that hate you are good at hating. I doubt our govt cares to protect you before or after the haters hate.

David, what do you think of the Texas social media law that took effect Wednesday? The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit in New Orleans lifted a district court injunction that had barred it. While the law was passed last year, a federal judge had blocked it from taking effect, ruling that it violated the First Amendment.

I love this channel, I learn more about my religion as well as Islam, far more useful than watching thrashy videos on the internet.

The problem is they get a bunch of technical-minded people to police flesh and blood humans. The techies seem to think all humans are machines.

Please don’t become another political commentator. You have too much skill in ministry to become one more political pundit

The god of the old testament (Tanakh) shares a lot of features with the god of the Quran.

When you don’t pay for a product, you are the product!!!
Also , people who sign up for social media and drug addicts are the only people I know if referred to as users!!!


Hey David I was searching up your ramadan video earlier and I came across this guy named ftd facts/ reacts. He has made a couple of videos of you getting " destroyed. " I wonder what your take on it is… ps they’re kind old ish but idk I stumbled upon them and wondered if you seen em.

COUNTERTERRORISM Islamist Ilhan Omar gives instigation to jihadist terrorists in Kashmir
BySalah Uddin Shoaib ChoudhuryPublished on May 2, 2022

Ilhan Omar is known for her scandalous past, including marrying her own brother and immigration fraud. But for the recent months, she is showing her extra zeal in promoting radical Islam and jihad and openly support hatred towards Jews, Christians and Hindus. Last week, Omar ratcheted up tension between nuclear power India and Pakistan by visiting the disputed region of Kashmir as a guest of Pakistan’s newly elected prime minister Shehbaz Sharif. Her visit to Kashmir elicited an angry response from the Indian Foreign Ministry. Commenting on Omar’s trip to Kashmir, Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson for the ministry in a video statement said:

“We have noted that she has visited a part of the Indian union territory … that is currently illegally occupied by Pakistan.

Great vid as always David. Bless you brother.

Meh. It’s still a business. If it’s servers go down it doesn’t exist. I get what Maher and others are arguing I just don’t think the argument would hold much water in court. I do appreciate that he seems to have common sense.

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