British Journalists Are White Supremacists (I Can Prove It!)

Although they will never admit it, British journalists working for Great Britain’s most prominent news platforms (e.g., The BBC, The Guardian, Daily Mirror, etc.) are white supremacists (i.e., total racists). They hold Arabs, Pakistanis, and Afghanis to lower standards than they hold other people to. Why? Because British journalists are convinced that white people are superior to non-white people.

We see a perfect example in Tommy Robinson’s recent documentary “Panodrama: An Exposé of the Fake News BBC.” In the documentary, Tommy exposes BBC Panorama’s John Sweeney of blatant racism, homophobia, and elitism. Sweeney’s bigotry goes unchecked by the media, because bigotry is widespread among British journalists.

Click here to watch Tommy Robinson’s “Panodrama”: #Panodrama - An Exposé of the Fake News BBC! - YouTube

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Love that one. Gotta remember that.

The BBC really needs to change their name from BBC, (British Broadcasting Centre) to the MBC, (Muslim Broadcasting Centre).

xenophobia is a contagion in our current era. :disappointed:

It’s all politics leftist are idiots.

We must troll the media

Well said! I have always thought this!

Excellent Breakdown David Wood!
But whats with the 666 sign at the very end of your video, please hope it’s just a coincidence.

thank you for fighting for freedom, truth and making what is hidden translucent, bring it to light

Dude you so took that out of context.

Excellent break down and analysis👍

Like clock work the establishment and elite - at least in their own eyes are at it again with this formentation of mistrust and hatred. If it is not muslims, it’s far right extremist who are targeting innocent people. These are staged events by the establishment and their entourage of psychopaths and sycophants who are pathetically working their narrative to bring enmity to all, with serious consequences to civilization or whatever remains of it. David I believe you are sincere in pointing out the false hoods of Islam, but there is an elephant in the room that needs to be called out, i.e., the globalist regime/One Worlders and the NWO - the most powerful iteration of totalitarian forces throughout history! They have unbridled power over all nations. They’re coming for all who do not swear allegiance and acquisce to their dictates. God give us strength and peace of mind in these final days.

David, unfortunately this Tommy Robinson guy is an operative of the elite, who are working overtime to divide and conquer. He is a controled asset of the One Worlders who specialize in false flags, disinformation and media manipulation. I pray you see through this deceit - brother in Jesus Christ.

most radicalization in europe happens in uk,france and germany and maybe even swedan,belgium,switzerland,netherlands

When we normalized INSTITUTIONAL RACISM through so-called “Affirmative Action,” the die was cast.
All that follows is simply that which one should expect from allowing INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM to become, well…INSTITUTIONALIZED!

What was the hand gesture at the end of the video all about then. No mention of the zionist influence on the media also. Interesting.

God bless you Sir David Wood. Expose them all! The truth shall set us all free, including those who believe that they are in the truth when they’re not!

Hold on i thought they were self loathing whites exalting other non whites in order to have a false sense of morality for as they see, the crimes of whites of the past and present. They hate the fact they’re white because of what they mistakenly think is the future of society and humanity that is the downfall of whites and the conquering of every other race that isn’t. I’m just a little confused by how they’re white supremacists

I identify myself as bigotsexual. Every time i see an islamophobic, white supremacist cis woman, i get a hard on.