Building an Apologetics Empire in 2020

We’re putting the pieces in place for an apologetics empire! David Wood, Vocab Malone, Whaddo You Meme?? and many others are plotting . . . plotting . . . plotting . . .

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Maybe I can help u David here in the Philippines.

LETS HELP SHAMOUNIAN TO GET MORE VIEWS. he’s a very blessed Bible teacher.

Hey! David there’s some people who are my friends or should say best friends that are Muslim and I want to show them the truth, I have started with one of them yesterday just a little casual chat about Islam and Christianity, I asked him about his Islamic beliefs and he’s pretty much a devout Muslim and have very strong foundations (BTW we have been friends for about 9 years now) I never gave much thought about converting Muslims to Christianity(because I am currently living in Pakistan:An Islamic country) even though my foundations as a Christian are quite strong. But after watching a video of nabeel qureshi and you that your friendship was the main reason you were able to challenge his beliefs on Islam. I want to do that too but I am not sure how or where to start? Can you help me and guide me in this?

This is a good video. My only critique - and for the nonsense spouters I realize he isn’t speaking against this idea - each of the members of the team should have a website that contains all of their materials. Google owns YouTube, so Google can shut it down at will. They can’t be allowed that much control. God bless. Keep it up!

Anyone want to help me or we work together on this? I have some experience on thumbnail making and video editing programs.

Thanks for the heads up David. More and more often I wish there were more quality Christian content available.

Hoyo hoyo hoyo! Super-late comment but God willing this will continue and every thought that exalts itself will be laid low. Also weirdly imagined the aoe music playing in the background.

Hi David, this video inspired me to start my own apologetics channel! It’s hard to get more views, could you help me out? :slight_smile: I mainly make response videos, but I also made a movie about Nabeel. Big thanks!

Great plan dude! Exciting!

Please think about the importance of accountability in his you build this platform. This kind of online one person ministry is way more likely to allow people unfit for ministy to get an audience without the godliness and character to back it up. We don’t need more RZ online blow ups.

I wonder if these ministries should be connected more closely to a local church and eldership?

I think Buddhism needs to be highlighted as well. Reading between the lines of who Jesus is and what Buddhism teaches, they align perfectly. This is perhaps a difficult one for many to get their heads around. Anyone with questions or comments, feel free to do so. Non-duality, advaita vedanta, or the conclusion of the Buddha, are all ways to understand, what many will call God. They add perspective and therefore understanding. Jesus fits in perfectly as he is the light of understanding and unconditional love, which is the narrow gate, that we all need to pass through.

i still think you need to keep working at this

Check out Deflate

This has inspired me to start my own YouTube channel. I have been purchasing the needed equipment but need a suggestion for a decent, but very inexpensive, camera.

Taking suggestions!!!

God bless you Dr. Wood!!!

Just heard about the associated discord and sent a message to Elle ISO Elohim.

What happened to this???

Sir, l salute you, revealing truth ,great job, many will be saved .

then ill be one of those tiny kingdoms who challenge that empire (im an atheist)

Let’s go!!!

He basically just described Church Militant. Michael Voris is someone I think David should get in contact with. They’re like his idea of a group calling out B.S and promoting Christianity, but just Catholic