CAIR, "Hijabi Smollett" Fake Hate Crime, Church Attacks (This Week in Jihad)

David Wood and Robert Spencer discuss the latest news about jihad.

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David you not the sharpest knife in the draw picking on a half a brain member of Islam :rofl::rofl::rofl:

She’s pro-BLM which is a godless, communist group seeking the end of the US and the end of the nuclear family. Great job, lady<<<< Hates the children of Israel whose skin is white, peachy, apricot, beige, etc… white bloodlines of the Childeren of Israel. She is a liar, they fight for nobody except themselves and their own doctrine of devils

tinfoil hijab :rofl:

Praise The Lord David Sir i am from a hindu brahmin but since i came to know jesus that jesus is the only true god who can give us peace and can take us all then i have dedicated my whole life for the glory of jesus I gave it to Jesus.
I would like to say one thing to all of them that I have changed my mind and my life, not religion, I want to say one thing to all of you too, if you all also accept the words of Jesus and accept Jesus in your life, then your mind too You will change because knowing the truth always changes and improves lifeInstead of fear inside your mind there is faith and peaceBecause Jesus said that I myself am the king of peace
Said one more thing
I have not given you the soul of fear and fear, but the soul of steadfastness and steadfastness.
so jesus is the true lord
If anyone who accepts Jesus in his life will belong to him forever.
Lord Jesus bless you all
From India​:india::pray:Praise JESUS GOD

Jihad? But did It mean effort, in toilet?

Ah yes, Taqiyyah is truly a miracle of allah…

It’s been a while since the last one. Is it over now David?

The biggest victim religion is picking on the 2nd biggest victim religion. Oh no…
Heaven forbid America protect their border from gangs and cartels.

If there wasn’t a pattern of senseless violence and harmful practices, no one would have a reason to comb though their literature to find the commands for such acts. They’d be going their merry way without criticism.

A gold nugget right there mate!! :hushed: Please explore that part of their system with examples throughout history and across the globe.

This :point_up_2: how Hindu majority is also gagged and shackled in india. Controlling the legislatures, bureaucracy, and law. They can’t write books/songs/movies without being killed.

Temples r heavily taxed and its donations/treasuries r looted by government, while all other religions r exempt. Literally billions a year. Even ancient idols and parts of temples get sold in the international market regularly.

Temples have government reps (regardless of their own religious beliefs) that have wreaked havoc on the society as a whole. Even the international NGOs and media covers it up. For over a century now.

Love how spencer is laughing at the jokes but David isn’t :joy:

Thank you David and Robert for exposing various fallacies of Islamic teachings and practices! Also, thanks for you sincere call to treat people (Muslims and others) will love & respect! Peace, Salaam, Shalom!

David, the killings of Christians in Nigeria get scantily reported even in Nigeria. The northern part of Nigeria is totally anti-christian. It’s a total backward Islamic society compared to the flourishing South of the nation. The report on the Muslim senate is totally true. That’s what we’re stuck with in the south and would love to just divide from such backward society.

Love from Nigeria :pray: God bless you abundantly

Quran is evil book

Islam dehumanizes people of other religions just like nazism did and does with no-arians. Crazy lady

Hello Mr Dave, if you read your Bible even Jesus Christ (as), preparing for Jihad, which means there is also Jihad in the Bible, let’s read what the Bible said,

Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa’ahlihi wasallam led Jihad, some time he won and some time he loose, but what about Jesus Christ, the fact is that: Jesus wanted to go to Jihad but he don’t have the armies to help him go to the war, and also has limited time, as he spent only 3 years of his ministry, even Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa’ahlihi wasallam before he started the war he had enough faithful armies and commanders those who were ready to die for him and to die for Islam, and have enough time as he spent 23 years of his ministry, now let’s take the full scenario of Jesus Jihad from the bible.
First of all remember when Jesus said,
Jesus want prepare for Jihad against the Romans, so his first command was for his followers or disciples to get arms, he said,
“When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye anything? And they said nothing. Then said he unto them, BUT NOW, HE THAT HATH A PURSE, LET HIM TAKE IT, AND LIKEWISE HIS SCRIP: AND HE THAT HAS NO SWORD, LET HIM SELL HIS GARMENT, AND BUY ONE… AND THEY SAID, LORD, BEHOLD, HERE ARE TWO SWORDS, AND HE SAID UNTO THEM, IT IS ENOUGH” (Luke 22:35-38).
Now, Jesus want assembles his armies on the battle field to protect him since they were armed, so he went to a place called Gethsemane with his armies and told them to sit and watch over him, that he want go and pray ( Matthew 26;36). And he took with him peter and the two sons of Zebedee, (three body guard)…26:37. He went a little further and FELL ON HIS FACE, AND PRAYED, (the same way Muslims pray)…. 26:39. He was earnestly praying to God to protect him from any danger, So after he finished his prayer, he came and found all his body guard and armies were sleeping, he rebuked them, “PETER, he called, “COULDN’T YOU EVEN STAY AWAKE WITH ME FOR AN HOUR…”? 40. This had been repeated three times, 26:44.
When the enemies arrived (the armies of the priest) one of Jesus’s armies (peter) drew his sword and cut the ear of one of the priest armies, and Jesus realizing the danger said, “BEHOLD PUT YOUR SWORD BACK INTO ITS PLACE”. (Matthew 26:51). Why did Jesus stop them from fighting the priest armies, because he knew his disciple’s weakness, they cannot fight because of their little faith, so when the armies captured him ALL HIS DISCIPLES RUN AWAY AND FORSOOK HIM, the time when he needed them most (Matt 26:56).
Remember those Jesus’s disciples, whom he called FAITHLESS many times in the bible, (Matt 17:19-20, Matt 21:21, Mark 4:40). He knew they were not strong enough to defend him against any oppression., as it happened one of them denied him three times, so if somebody denied you three times how can he take sword, risk his life and protect you.
So if Christians accuse Muslims for jihad they are just framing themselves.

I took an uber to go to work one day. I was told by my Turkish muslim driver that the Israeli police( mossat) trains the American police that is why they are so brutal with people l, especially black people. I could not believe what came out of his mouth, I was shocked :flushed:.