CAIR Reacts to Megyn Kelly's Epic Smackdown!

Recently, Megyn Kelly and Brooke Goldstein thoroughly exposed the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) on “The Kelly File.” CAIR has been trying to undermine the work of The Clarion Project, a group dedicated to protecting Muslim women from violence. The following parody attempts to show CAIR how silly it is to respond with childish personal attacks instead of thoughtful answers and evidence.

This is gold.

Genius !

Wow !

This is definitely one of my favorite David wood videos. Keep up the good work David!


when a news organization, such as Fox News reports that the UAE has black-listed CAIR as a terrorist front, (UAE an Islamic nation) well ahead of the U.S. government staying ahead of terrorist organizations on U.S. soil, and ‘President’ Obama, too keen on welcoming Islamists into America, then there is serious cause for concern, regarding the competence of those in public office, and political correctness, and its true intentions…

I had forgotten how brilliant this video is!
Of course, the concept of Megan Kelly as the saviour of Muslim women is laughable, but the rest?


ISIS is Christianphobic so we are all even.

haha…this is GREAT…I love it! going to send a link to all my friends…islam is EVIL!

Perfect, haaha


That was fuckin’ awesome!!!

Now that was an epic SMACK DOWN - thank you!

you guys deserve ur AIPAC …keep getting shafted every year. We know America is the bitch in that relationship

Saudi Arabia even admits cair is on the terrorists organization list,

I wonder why not too many of my so called Muslim brothers are commenting on this video? :wink:

Cair, Hamas, muslim brother hood, aren’t the proplem in America it’s the white Lilly liberals covering their tracks that’s the problem.

pathetic rascist islamophobes bigots always talking shit