Calvinists and Arminians on the Problem of Evil: Who Can Say What? (Guillaume Bignon)

I thought David Wood was more rational to associate with Calvinists…

I appreciate this video on Calvinism much more, though there are still some things im skeptical about. First, he explained Calvinism much better than Libertarian. This, i personally appreciate and that’s why i watched this video. I didn’t watch this video to learn about Libertarian, but to learn about Calvinism and to have my world view challenged to see if my world view is correct. One thing is that he said Libertarians don’t believe in a God that is omnipotent. Well, I know I believe an God that’s omnipotent and I believe in free will, in the sense that grace is resistible.

I’m not saying you don’t have free will if you believe Grace is irresistible. Thats something I learned today. I just want to get that out of the way.

God is omnipotent is every way possible, but He wont cut the line of free will. Not the fact that He cant, but he wont. If God is going to influence all our decisions, it seems that our relationship with Him wouldn’t be a relationship anymore, but more like a human with a robot. There would be no “real” interaction.

With the problem of evil, I could go off as to how that’s compatible, but just for the time being, read Mere Christianity, or The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis. I know a person like Bignon would appreciate him, even if he didnt agree with him.

I would consider myself a monlist, but i hate the idea of labels and limiting my beliefs to one category, and in that category, i must believe what is taught. I’m always open minded about it. That’s why I love Christianity. Just because I believe in Christianity, that doesn’t mean I cant believe everything that the Quran or pagan says. There are some things that we can both relate on and that’s how I think most people should learn philosophy of religion or Christianity for that matter

John MacArthur clears everything up very well.

Explained well; thank you (though I see that calvinism, arminianism, & molinism are all impossible).

Thanks for this thought provoking upload, @Acts17Apologetics .

Calvinism and Arminianism are both heresies.

Thank you Guillaume. Love reading your blog posts. God bless you brother in Christ.

Calvinists are not right in the head. Either that or God is not right in the head.

Smoke and mirrors. God wants real beings created in His image to show His glory to and through. Beings that will choose freely and completely to acknowledge Him and His sovereignty, that we may inherit the rule and reign with Him. He laid down His life for us, so that we can be redeemed. It was going to happen no matter what Lucifer’s decision was. Sin entered the world, and soon sin will cease, and we will be reunited into the world of light once again, and forever. Thank you Jesus my Christ for making it possible. Thank you Father Creator for giving us your son, and the Holy Spirit.

It seems like I don’t exactly fit into the Calvinist camp, but it’s close to what I believe. I think that God does and can override man’s will to achieve his eternal purpose. But, I’m not certain that he always does and I also don’t believe in limited atonement. It seems to me that God has a desire to save all. At the same time I believe that the ability to believe the gospel is a gift of God. I’m left to think that there is a paradox between complete determinism and God’s desire. I could be wrongl

We can ask God when we get there.

So… Basically all you can do is to invoke the “mysterious ways.” Hm…

This is a “keeper.” The best philosophical explanation of Calvinism, and the difference between it and other views, that I’ve ever heard. Guillaume Bignon rocks.

Who is responsible for “natural evil” but God (if he exists)? Or did God allow the world to become sketchy and fraught with disasters because man sinned (in which case it would still be God’s doing, since he is all powerful and it was he who chose to punish sin with such disasters). I don’t see how God gets a free pass for the evil he causes.

To me, anything that has feeling and suffers, has a soul. I’ve seen dogs barking in their sleep, meaning they are dreaming. This supports my belief that even dogs have souls, or, why would God be entertaining such a creature with dreams? Seems like a big waste of time to give an animal dreams if it goes out of existence at death. Not only that, but, seems like God is pretty monstrous if an animal suffers and there is no afterlife for it. What’s the point of it suffering IF, at death, it no longer exists?

I’m a Calvinist, and I believe it’s God’s will on whether or not you are predestined to Heaven or Hell. But, what keeps me from being a Muslim in such a Calvinistic belief, is the hint of a God working all things to the glory and counsel of His will to the point where, although God “has concluded all in unbelief that He (God) might have mercy upon all”, I believe God WILL, eventually, have all humans to be Saved. For one thing, the Bible says God is “not willing that ANY should perish, but, that all should come…” well, I’m pretty sure those into the Bible know what I’m talking about with that Scripture. Sure most Bibles talk of eternal hell, but, in the Greek and Hebrew, it’s “unto the age” and “age lasting”.

Looking forward to finishing this video, and just wanted to say I appreciate the other topics you’re addressing in addition to Islam. Thank you for sharing!

David, are you and Sam Calvinists or not? I know you’re close with Dr. White so I always assumed that you are. Plus, your testimony about coming to faith is replete with Reformed “lingo.”

I was just wondering.

I love Guillaume but he left out the middle way and I do not mean molinism. Lutherans are monergists that embrace the paradox that we are called to faith but we have the power to reject it. It is not math or bound by human logic. But it is what we see in Scripture so we confess it.

I still don’t understand Calvinism ,this might help