Can Apologists Rap? (Vocab Malone Featuring David Wood)
A vicious rumor has been circulating, claiming that Christian apologists can’t rap. While this may be true of certain Christian apologists, it isn’t true of all. In this video, Vocab Malone and David Wood (aka D-Dog Dizzle) refute the false claim that apologists can’t rap.

You look real siciliano Vocab. Madone :pinched_fingers:

Vocab you look so different!

:flushed: whoa…droppin Jesus beats in the middle of a suit convention. Nice!

That should be put on vinyl - NOW. Jesus is King

This… IS THE GREATEST VIDEO IV EVER SEEN :joy: I didnt even know this happened​:joy: i love it


Except the voice,I can’t believe that is Vocab

Great David sir, love from India

It brought smile on my face…great

Vocab looks so young… I couldn’t recognize him at first…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Apologists better rap! (If you have that gift) because True Hip Hop is the movement of knowledge and nothing is more true than the gospel.

They can. They just shouldn’t, rap is not a music, we have to understand that.

Great, you should do all your debates and Q&A freestyle.

That was dope!

How have i missed this video for so long?!? This definitely needs a repost. Or show clip on answering islam

This just made my day :joy::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

Wow Vocab really looks strange with his hair :joy::joy:

Vocab really :smile::laughing::blush:

Fast forward :slight_smile: