Charlie Hebdo Comes to Speaker's Corner

Jay Smith discusses the Charlie Hebdo cartoons at Speaker’s Corner in London.


5 years later… have the elite media learned anything?
There were very offensive images of Christianity in Charlie Hebdo too. No criticism of provocation from the SJW media.

The people who died at Hebdo were free speech martyrs in the end. agree with them or not.

I’m not a fan of Charlie Hebdo either. This is just so over the top disgusting. I just would not buy it and tell my friends not to red it.

This is an awesome video! Jesus vs Muhammad and the fruits of its people. Praise Jesus!

I love Jesus cause mercy

get over it xD baby jesus allah and the toothfary are not real, if they were they would decend down and set us straight xD but yeah good luck living your life by one fucking book :slight_smile:

Eradicate the Quran?

Muslims want there law all over! is the only group of religious freaks that want that!

It’s all bullshit anyway !

Fuck the Quran and the bible

Why is there all ways a Muslim to steer trouble

And a drawing in not real lighten up people!

What about freedom of speech!

wow, long winded, but in the end made a lot of sense very good. if it does say those things in the koran, why would anyone want to be part of a religion that will kill all that disagree, not a very loving religion, i would hope most muslims do not agree with the violence their leaders want them to unleash on different believers, even if only slightly different.

got all this lazy fucks nothing to do?

hey David Does he have his own YouTube channel by any chance?

Islam is a cult fabricated by satan. More sex for ruler, less sex for worshipers.

Massive respect for this guy. If only people would listen.

Seriously, how can when Charlie Hebdo made fun of the Jews, the person that drew it got fired from the company, and Charlie Hebdo got sued for the picture, all of this happened because it was anti-Semitism. But when they made fun of our beloved prophet Muhammad may peace be upon him, then it’s freedom of speech so it’s allowed, but for the Jews it’s anti-Semitism, so it’s not allowed. Where is the equality here? I also disagree when the three Muslims (still people are not sure if they were Muslim or not, or if they were a group of people wanting to show Islam bad, let just say that they were a group of terrorists or extremist that went against the Al Quran, as going extreme is forbidden and also killing unlawfully is forbidden) which they killed Charlie Hebdo for this, as that was wrong and against our religion Islam and any way the peaceful protest that the Muslims done was enough, and shouldn’t of gone any further then that, which led to killing. So Charlie Hebdo and the three killers were both wrong in their own way.