Charlie Hebdo Republishes Muhammad Cartoons as Terror Trial Begins

Staff for the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo paid a heavy price for standing up for freedom of speech. In 2015, jihadis opened fire at the magazine’s Paris headquarters, killing a dozen people and wounding eleven more. The gunmen were killed two days later, but now, in 2020, fourteen people charged as accomplices are on trial. The editors for Charlie Hebdo decided to republish the infamous Muhammad cartoons.

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I’ll be LIVE with Robert Spencer at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing the return of Muhammad cartoons, riots over Quran burnings, and the #DesecrateTheQuran movement by ex-Muslims. Here’s the link: - YouTube

The left loves to criticize white skinned slave owning men. Muhammad was a white-skinned slave owning man.

aaaaand look wheres freedom of speech now. hm thought so

And everyone makes fun of Mormons…

I am telling you,one day this islam disease is gonna spread all over the western countries and enslave people.

Darth nagus. According to ur comments. Hohamed didn’t have human senses. He is evil

Truth is not racist. Book of Bill

I like to Charli hebdo

David Wood," 7 th Century illiterate Caravan robber". Excellent quote . But you are nowhere near Founding father of Turkey Kemal Atatürk who said, " Islam, this absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin, is a rotting corpse which poisons our lives. "
Ref: quotemaster*org


We the rest of the world dont care about what moonhammed said. Were free!!

I just watched a testimony to Islam of a woman from Netherlands and she said " I converted to Islam cuz it’s based in scientific proves" yeah sure


this video narration shows who is/ are the real illiterates. By God , you really need to prepare better arguments

What is at the base of being deplatformed? - follow the money right to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

All your info about prophet Muhammed and Islam are wrong , you even don’t know what you’re talking about . You Just hate Islam THAT’S IT .:face_vomiting::-1:t2:

rasoul never said that if you read the kouran before doing origamie whits it

Beni chani wasun gude …

Wikipedia : “In Europe, blasphemy is a limitation to free speech. For example, defaming Muhammad the Prophet of Islam does not fall under free speech.[27][28][29][30] “

There is room for everyone on this earth stop your hatred persecution of minorities !!. You persecute Africans Muslims Jews the pure hatred and discrimination nothing to do with Freedom of Expression to hell with your Nazi / Fascist / Racism shit … BLM MLM ALM… Nous sommes tous fiers de notre culture et de notre histoire, arrêtons la haine du fascisme envers les musulmans et les africains. Paix à tous