Check Out the Taliban’s New American Arsenal

Footage recently emerged of Taliban jihadis trying to figure out how to fly one of their new Black Hawk helicopters. Let’s take a look at the Taliban’s new arsenal, provided by the U.S. Military.

For the BBC article quoted in this video (“Afghanistan: Black Hawks and Humvees - military kit now with the Taliban”), click here: Afghanistan: Black Hawks and Humvees - military kit now with the Taliban - BBC News

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Thank G-d they won’t be able to do much!

Afghan Taliban doesn’t use drones they just use helicopters and fighter jets and some AC-130 planes that Joe Biden gave them.

Let’s vote
M16 or Ak 47

Well I’m been taught to respect people even with different religion and still doing well. And well I’m put all my trust to my beautiful islam. Idc and may the greatest Allah s.w.t bless all of you :heart:

Salam dari Binjai!!


When war on terror becomes war for terror.

Years of training, just to fight men who live in caves and lose… :man_facepalming:

Come now David the Taliban soldiers ran away like cowards and left behind the military aid weapons to the Jihadi. It’s not Biden fault that happened. Y’all need to stop blaming My President Biden. Just to let everyone know ahead I am voting for Mr Biden 2024.

Just another win for Joe Biden. I understand that usually when an American president orders his troops to give billions of Dollars of weapons of war to terrorists it is treason but with Joe its just helping less fortunate and building back terrorists better

Religion of Peace :dove:

They should send Biden a big thank you bouquet :bouquet:

I can’t have a pistol grip on my ar15 in NY but they’ll give away Blackhawks? Makes sense.

Send Chris Watts there to maintain the military equipment.

Keep crying, the Taliban will rule supreme

Do you know that 100 A.D, /200 A.D ,/300A.D /400 A.D. And so on…is all pattern to Jesus death…100 A.D --100 years after Jesus death…it doesnt say 100 years after muhammads death…does it not ring a bell to all muslim…even in that concept…Jesus is real…and muhammad is where…none.not existing.nowhere to be found.

Evil do not ever win
So if America has lost that means they were evil.

Ok. So, David, so now you’re an objective military analyst… Right… :roll_eyes: