Chris Evans Just Called Muslims “Idiots” (For Not Watching "Lightyear")

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The new Pixar film “Lightyear” has been banned in 14 Muslim-majority countries for including a same-sex kiss. When asked about the backlash against the film, actor Chris Evans (who plays “Buzz Lightyear”) called the people who oppose the film “idiots” and compared them to dinosaurs. Does Disney agree with Evans?

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David, let’s have a debate about Deism VS Christianity.

Go woke, go broke.

I Knew Chris Evans Was Truly Captain America :us:! I’m So Proud of him I am truly blessed as an Ex Muslim to have likeminded people who are not afraid of speaking the Truth! God Bless Him and Curse Islam

Woke culture, LGBTQ’s agendas do not have place/wouldn’t stand a chance here in Indonesia, either from Moslem and Christian communities and majority in general. Juz keep your insanity right there!!!

It was pretty funny seeing Evans struggle to find any justification for the progressive agenda.

It’s the growth… that makes us good.
DEFINE GROWTH. Because last time I checked, America is dying off after a few generations of fighting traditional marriage and family and implementing LGBTQ and other progressive values and needs tens of millions of immigrants to stay afloat economically.

Constant social awakening
DEFINE AWAKENING. Last time I checked American suicide rates, depression and mental health issues have been SKYROCKETING among LGBTQ when compared to all other traits.

When are you guys going to figure out leftist and their misleading misinforming media are the biggest threat, we have ever faced in all our Countries :thinking::thinking: they literally hate truth facts and laws… and most of all… The US Constitution and EVERYTHING it stands for !!!

Yes, another one for the archive! I’m going to get busy again to get it uploaded :grin:

What does the Bible say about LBGT…??? :thinking:

Is LBGT relationships allowed in the HOLY BIBLE(HB)…???:thinking:

Thanks David wood (•‿•) God bless you and your family.

To be fair, Islam is the polar opposite to anything Disney.

This is that rare moment where I fully agree with them. I really looked forward to watching Lightyear, but the whole same sex junk just through me off. I really dont understand why… so rubbish to Lightyear and may it burn

Damn Chris needs to be cancelled for being an Islamophobe

Captain Buzzphobia

its all unravelling now…

It’s sad that the only culture war DWood cared about is anti-Islam. I can understand that some Christians would just let the world act like degenerates since the world is already degenerate in the first place and forcing Christian morals is not really what is commanded to us but sharing the gospel, but it would be nice if he and others joined the push against other anti-Christian ideologies, or at least push Christian evangelism-friendly ideologies, in which the LGPdo ideology is against.

Fun fact.
A problem with this lightyear story.
The toy in Toy Story was made from a TV character show that the boy was fun of, not from a real astronaut.

Chris isn’t wrong why should we respect a culture that murders their own in honor killings.

I know that you David are in a crusade against the most obvious false prophet in history but endorsing sodomy to enoy the Muslims is beyond bad, is evil