Christian Apologetics March Madness: Round 2

Christian Apologetics March Madness Tournament:
Pastor Mike Winger (Boo!) vs. David Wood (Yay!)
Pastor Mike Winger’s website:
Pastor Mike’s YouTube channel:
Christian Apologetics March Madness Tournament:

Mike Winger was intellectually dishonest in his claims against Bethel Redding CA. However he says allot of things I agree with. Sadly, he misinterpreted bethel teaching. As allot of people do…

Mike Winger sucks ass. YOU are so much better than he will EVER be, David.


LOL … too bad I had voted for Mike before I saw this! You are both wonderful and it is a horrible thing to not vote for both of you!

More video’s like this one please, the humour is unsurpassed.

Wake up Muslims. You are lead astray if you believe in love.

David Wood The Original

I somehow wasn’t following you on twitter but i corrected that

i missed it

You have One Punch Man, so where do I vote?


Our government has been infiltrated by rats

David is so savage xD lmfao.


I died… :joy::rofl:

How can you be so smart and cool man , u are a f*cking god! I freakin love ur videos. And the people that are following are cool too ,love you guys! Thank you all for being here :slight_smile:

A shame it’s on twitter. I will not go to their website.
Good luck in the tournament Dr. Wood.


Hello brother David, are you all contesting or real terms or the winning is merely on votes. If so then don’t be bothered with these contest. Although I hv nt seen any videos of Mike Winger, I bet he hasn’t made as much videos as you did with respect to various questions relating to various issues in accordance with religion. Keep it up.