Christian Girls Being Kidnapped and Forcibly Converted During Ramadan

In Pakistan, around 1000 Christian and Hindu women and girls are kidnapped, raped, and forcibly converted to Islam every year, while the authorities do little or nothing.

Here’s the link to the Forbes article “Yet Another Girl In Pakistan Abducted, Forcibly Converted And Forcibly ‘Married’ To Her Abductor”: Yet Another Girl In Pakistan Abducted, Forcibly Converted And Forcibly ‘Married’ To Her Abductor

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For more on Pakistan, check this out: - YouTube

I though they only do atrocities to hindu but Christians too. My friend was the victim of love jihad

So peaceful religion it’s growing so fast :bomb::boom: Disgusting

Words like “forcibly, kidnapped”, if it’s to convert them to Islam, they see it as an honourable work for Islam. The amount of brainwash in this religion is so strong, they can’t see if they are racist, bigot, kidnappers, rapist, murderers etc.

As an Indian Hindu I’m glad that you’ve raised this issue while the media is still obsessed with Islamophobia!

Introduction got me :joy::rofl:

You left out psychopath.

I wanna murder these fuckers.

This crimes against humanity are normal practices in Egypt with Support of government

feminists, where are you lovess???

Have u seen the movie not without my daughter its ABT America and Iran .must watch

And then they say RSS and bajrangdal is terror organization :joy:.
They are doing there best to save us

So I love china being Indian

Intro was mind blowing

Religion of peace really

Meanwhile, Christians in India are busy showing solidarity to Muslims. And opposing Citizenship Amendment Act of Indian constitution which will give Indian citizenship to christians and other minorities from Pakistan.

I hope these poor girls are helped and aren’t with those kidnappers
But back with their families

Justice for Maira Shahbaz in pakistan
Justice for all religious minorities in Pakistan
Save Maira Shahbaz

Thank you for brining up this topic