Christian Man Acquitted of Blasphemy (after Spending Ten Years in Prison)

A Christian man in Pakistan has been acquitted of blasphemy and released from prison after serving 10 years of a life sentence. International Christian Concern reports the Lahore High Court has acquitted Imran Ghafur Masih, a Christian sentenced to life in prison under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. According to Imran’s family, they have moved into hiding following the acquittal due to potential threats from Islamic extremists.

For the CBN article quoted in this video (“‘God Has Heard Our Cry’: Christian Man Acquitted of Blasphemy and Released from Life Sentence in Pakistan”), click here: 'God Has Heard Our Cry': Christian Man Acquitted of Blasphemy and Released from Life Sentence in Pakistan | CBN News

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I am an Iraqi ex Muslim who’s been saved by my Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you David continue doing the good work

Reminds me of a joke I once heard. An Arab man meets an acquaintance and notices stitches on his wrist. He says: “Ah Ahmed, I see you won your appeal”

I hope he is not a typical Ali. :joy:

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Stupid country ruled by the spirit of antichrist.

people are so quick to label “islamaphobia” when trump wants to ban muslims but no one will talk about this and how desperate these minorities in muslim majority countries are for freedom, peace, and safety. no liberal news outlet will talk about this, where the hell is amnesty international? what do they idiots who actually want a “world hijab day” and try to put it on in western countries when this happnes? oh right, silent and compliant.

I love how none muslim in the comment section​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Once Pakistan and Afghanistan was Place for Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and other old religions.

Burning Qur’an in Pakistan = arrested for blasphemy
Burning a BLM flag in USA = arrested for hate crime
Not much better, is it?

5:52, just go to India. We will protect them with our blood. The land of Hindus, Hindustan.

I’m from Pakistan.

Good evening brother My name is Faisal Shahzeb. Recently, two muslim apology-tics in Pakistan called Christians from all over the world as infidels and challenged them to tell any Christian that the day of Christ’s birth is not December 25. Make a video on it

Indian muslims should watch this video.

Small letter a allah is just silly

Lol like how you left out Canada as an escape option…which I live in Canada and don’t blame you. Assuming it was intentional. :sweat_smile:

These countries vile traditions, sexism, racism, just reflects what their people really think deep down. They have no interest in integrating, they just want to take take take :disappointed:

Dr Wood, I recently watched a video of Speaker Corner. Mr Hijab was talking to a woman who had mentioned Islamic terrorism. Mr Hijab cited the killing of Rohingyas by Buddhists. He didn’t mention why the peaceful Buddhists had to do so. Then he proceeded to compare other non muslim terrorist groups. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find religion based terrorism. I would like you to deal with this topic.

What amazing much ,is this big label that says Islam is a religion of peace, after each day we read ,hear,globally of what is happening. Really a person can be charged life time /dearth bcz he spoke badly about Islam or burn quran ,where is forgiveness bcz peace goes with lots : forgiveness, patience, love,in your anger not taking harsh punishment/decision.All these form of peace.not against the Islam religion ,actually all religion we respect them =Hindu, Jewish, Buddha nd other ,nd truth is hardly to hear any cruelty(killing, touched nd etc) that has been done by these religion .currently few weeks ago we saw what boko haram did and its not first time sadly its continues.Guys non Islam religion or people are human being too,when did conscious will be renewed to those who did this. .what surprise me these guys are middle class people=well educated, business people ,beautiful big houses,nd etc.but not fear to just pool a trigger, toucher me bcz I didn’t believe to Islam. I wish someone can make to understand of what is behind this.really on my side at the moment I see opposite of peace. I believe I’ll get clarity :why need to be jailed,killed, toucher bcz he/she burned quran nd family had flee bcz they know that they will be killed. Mob that was outside court demanding a guy to be sentenced life ,is that peacemaking or ?plz makes to understand plz