Christian Pastor Murdered in Pakistan (But Don't Be an Islamophobe!)

On Sunday, Christian Pastor William Siraj was gunned down in his car as he left his church in Peshawar, Pakistan. Reverend Patrick Naeem was also injured during the attack. While the assailants haven’t been captured, authorities have noted a recent rise in militant attacks by the Islamic group Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Meanwhile, politicians in the United States and Canada pledge to combat Islamophobia.

To read the CNN article cited in this video (“Priest killed by gunmen in Pakistan attack”), click here: Pakistan: Priest killed by gunmen in attack - CNN


What about christianophobia? You know first nation people and other groups were abused by Christians and klu klux Klan persecuted Africans, make a video about that too.

Watched all of it

this only small percentage of Muslims, how about we talk about all the christans who had attacked have muslims?

I pray for our Christian brother’s & Sisters who are being prosecuted in Islamic countries for believing in jesus.:sleepy:

Can Pakistani Christians seek refuge in India?

Watch “The Kashmir files”

They will go in same place where Muhhamed went , he’ll islam

Islams goal is to islamise the world. One of of the method is to bribe the greedy western politicians to support favourable laws to favour the Blashemy and Sharia countries.

Why do Muslims kill?

Western politics is whatever you are doing good for Muslims is not enough . Because they hate you and consider you infidel and you deserve to die. This is according to.their religion.


Hello David, your videos really helped me see the true face of Islam. I have a question, I am German and Bulgarian and i wanted to ask you if I could maybe translate your videos and post them on YouTube so that people from Germany and Bulgaria (because people actually don’t really speak english) can understand and see the truth side of Islam. God bless you :pray:t3::pray:t3:

I feel so funny day by day the Islam comments are going low​:joy:since they don’t have enough evidence to support themselves :joy:
There action is showing us how peace Islam religion :rofl:

This reminds me of that meme template where commited guy while walking with his gf sees other girl and his gf gets mad the guy is muslims their gf is bodies buried in the ground and the other girl is virgins in paradise. :smiley:

Thank you David, you’re right :+1::pray:t3:
Love from France :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Prophecy of prophet Muhammad saas : USA​:us::us::us: vs :tr::tr::tr: Russian​:ru::ru::ru::ru::ru::ru::ru::ru::ru:. Winner​:trophy::tada::trophy: Russian​:ru:. If Russian​:ru: doesn’t win, I reject islam.

islam is very hateful and offensive!

Just imagine, if we were not praying, those wicked men would have slaughtered every Christian there.

Killing someone is a deadly sin against God.