Christian Princess Wanted to Marry a Muslim . . . Then THIS Happened!

Katrina (aka Christian Princess) got a job in the United Arab Emirates, where she fell in love with a Muslim man. He wanted her to convert to Islam, so they started discussing Christianity and Islam, and watching videos by David Wood, Somali Christian TV, Al Fadi, Christian Prince, Zakir Naik, Ahmed Deedat, Adnan Rashid, and Shabir Ally!

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Thank you so much David :sob: The Lord be with you

Nabeer Qureshi is an outstanding author and ex Muslim who gave up everything to convert to Christ following the evidence and proving the validity and authority of the Bible of god’s word and the Quran provided proof that it was completely wrong and that they had only about a tiny bit of thier prophets teachings and it was based upon violence and not the view that they are raised to believe and teach

Congratulations Katrina. I’m glad you saw it from far and rejected the false religion. May God protect you all the time.

i was in love with a muslim girl i knew for years but she didn’t want me because i am a Christian we start getting distant with each other because she would talk about how her religion forbid muslims from having a relationship with people of other religions with some of the dumbest excuses and lets just say i was hurt and she was avoiding me what was worst wasn’t the rejection but the fact that she was my best friend and i was slowly losing her from my life she found a boyfriend and before becoming completely distant i told her to be happy for me and that i wish her the best i loved her with every inch of my heart so her being happy was enough for me until one day she texted me out of the blue her boyfriend was very dismissive of her problems to even neglecting her completely some times he would tell her he is busy and ignore her for even days turning out that he was just playing video games or flirting with other girls of course they broke up and she was heart broken i wasnt sure what to do so i let my heart lead me and i choose to be there for her and forgive her for ditching me just for confessing my feeling we actually got alot closer after this to the point we are inseparable now of course we have nothing romantic as we are best friend even better than before ironically she reveal to me that when i confessed to her she had feelings for me as well but our religions wouldn’t allow that heck its better this way we are both very strong in our beliefs so being best friends is better than to try something that wouldn’t work out

The fact that she went into a relationship with a Muslim shows her disregard for values and her materialistic nature. Of all the Christian man that she knows not one was acceptable except the Muslim. She has no right to disregard his religion if he’s good enough to be her choice.

I also had a Muslim guy, he asked me to convert and I refused instead I told him I would go for pork, so he decided to get another Christian old lady (Catholic) I call her old because she was way older than me and was looking for someone to settle down with and she accepted him, when I realized he was with another woman I decided to change my telephone number, and after 5 years the Muslim guy went to one of my family member and requested to talk to me that he misses me but I turned him down and never spoke with him and I warned my relatives not to give him my number yet I was still single by that time am happy I have never seen his face since we separated and I hope I never see his face but I thank God that am now married to an ethiest who has even started joining me in prayers

Relax dude 8:40 I watch at 144p on data on my phone.

My brother has got married to a christian, and she became Muslim🥰

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:you are lying and you know

Wow. I can only say thank you.

Many woman experience this. I’m so glad you spoke about this


She’s not Christian. She’s a narcissistic(like the majority of women who are near a camera)schizophrenic.

For her it was good bussnes to mony Com on stop pick persons like those

Keep up the good work David Wood, if only more Americans watched your videos.

David is troll​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I laugh so hard any time he talks about Muslims :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Darling u are hero no dout love u my dear David

LUKE 21:15​:raised_hands::place_of_worship::pray::israel::nepal::israel:

Just like me i have a work mate who happened to be a muslim he just keep telling me that Christianity is sucks Jesus is not God and islam is the only way to heaven. That time i dont know about islam or have any idea what is islam is. I don’t have any answers about hes accusations about my beliefs. One day i see video of David Wood, and rest is history :joy::joy: