Christian Student Stoned to Death and Set on Fire for Blasphemy

Deborah Emmanuel Yakubu, a Christian student at Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto, Nigeria, was beaten, stoned to death, and her body set on fire by Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar.” She was killed over a false accusation of blasphemy against Muhammad.

For the Morning Star News article quoted in this video (“Christian Student in Sokoto, Nigeria Stoned to Death”), click here: Christian Student in Sokoto, Nigeria Stoned to Death - Morningstar News


Thanks sir, this happened in my country. The fools murdered her

Horrible religion makes Horrible people.

It has started in Sweden with people trying to stone Swedish police officers during the “Quran riots”.

Haven’t watched the video yet but bruh how do you smoke that much :sob:

Islam doesn’t grant “killing” because of blasphemy, imo. They were bunch of ignorant freaks. People today don’t even study the religion itself :man_shrugging:t4:. It’s kind of hard to talk because clearly this is wrong. But ofc, the news you read is wrong totally. She was blasphemous, heard the WhatsApp audio myself. But Islam doesn’t allow the “killing”. It’s a total gibberish :man_facepalming:t4:. She probably ain’t getting the justice she deserves, because f*ck. Who do you arrest? If you speak against this bad act, they’ll drag you too. :neutral_face:

mommadans are scared if anyone ask questions or criticism of this pedophile mohmad will damage their cult

And so what ? Not the quantity but the quality Mr man

Unbelievable what they did to this poor woman my condolences to her family may she rest in peace

if killing innocent person as punishment is a part of that religion then automatically the god of that religion will be Satan even if named differently .

It’s shit like this that makes me want to ban the practice of Islam in America. It is an evil religion and should not be allowed to exist.

Only problem is that we legally can’t do it.

As a muslim, I find this extremely sad, I pray for the oppressed and I condemn all murders in the name of any religion including islam. This is awful and in no way is allowed in islam. On another note, I don’t think it’s appropriate to trash my prophet ( 3:14 ) in this video because some stupid evil people do stupid evil things in the name of a religion that condemns evil. I’m sure Nabeel’s family feels disrespected as well. Those people are just the muslim version of the KKK. Did the KKK represent christianity ?? Also all your criticisms of Muhammad pbuh are from weak or fabricated hadiths so No I 100% disagree with your content…in another video you also used a very poor translation of a Quranic verse that changed it’s meaning… on another note, you need to set a good example…instead of feeding the fire at 3:14 … I find it hard to even consider you a Christian missionary with that kind of rhetoric. RIP to the victim… I pray her murderers are punished and her family finds peace

now you know why there are no caravans headed for these countries run by cavemen , these places are a cancer on the worlds population, and once they get to free countries they claim to be targeted .then why come?

My brother may God bless you . Nigeria is a country in a mess and the whole world is watching the mess Britain assemble as a country without any comment


Gee, she said no…would if she said yes…she’d live through an abusive relationship. Discusting

Thanks David for covering this, the mainstream media never does. This story is 100% true. I am a Nigerian, Christian killings has been going on in Nigeria for a longtime. The Muslim government officials support this, a Muslim clergyman tweeted his endorsement of the murder a short while after the incident. Pls pray for Christians.

The Sheiks and Islamic Scholars in Nigeria all proudly applauded and commended the killing of Deborah. This is exactly what Islam stands for violence and terrorism! Even if she insulted Muhammad why did they not get her before their Sharia Court! Their Allah and Prophet are truly blood thirsty terrorists!

Such a false religion that pretends to be perfect

As a muslim this is beyond haram and they will burn in hell. they are just hypocrites who are just muslims by name.