Christianity, Islam, and Pork: How Zakir Naik Condemns Muhammad!

Zakir Naik tried to refute Christianity, but he ended up refuting Islam!

In his lectures, Dr. Zakir Naik argues that pork is haraam (forbidden). To support his claim, he often quotes the Bible passages Leviticus 11:7-8 and Deuteronomy 14:8, which say that pig meat was unclean for the Jews. However, the very same passages also say that camel meat and rabbit meat were unclean. Why is this interesting? Because Muhammad and his companions ate both camel meat and rabbit meat. Hence, the passages Zakir Naik quotes actually condemn Muhammad.

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Zakir is a clown… hahaha deceiving innocent people

The question is why do christians eat rabbits?

eat camel ,enter hell

U know why muslims don’t eat pork?
Bc they can’t eat their own kind. :joy::joy::joy:

CB4 was a great movie, glad you are using it to bring truth to the people :fist::raised_hands::pray::+1::ok_hand:

David wood is​:+1: the :open_book::angel:current class teacher of zakir naik. Whoa!

Nailed Prophet Mohammed and Dr Zahir …showing their disobedience. Let this video open the eyes of Muslim brothers and sisters …Good Job …David …God bless

Once again plz read history do your homework and come again

You bloody foolish… don’t know anything just cut the video and make a bad joke of him…give the full video of Dr Zakir nail…what he told that in Christianity if you obey full christian rules and if you disobey the old testament then you couldn’t go to jannaah by the rules of your own religion…he didn’t tell that if the Muslim disobey the rules of old testament he will not go to jannaah…you foolish bloddy bulldog don’t make the pepole confused… everyone knows who is intelegent…if you are enough intelegent todey you will be a Muslim now…may Allah give you hedaya

I love your videos, brother David. How can we make a translation into Russian so that Russian Muslims could also get the truth?

Ur présentation in this video was very amusing :rofl::rofl:

Very nice slap on zakir naik fake teachings David brother.The explanation you gave is really appreciating. Very nice.May God in the name of Jesus keep you safe and happy.

This guys trying so hard to find contradictions in the Quran . Heloooo it’s not the bible . Just give up mr wood muslims always smash u in debates and ur still not a Muslim yet . What a sore loser